Those Lone Vamps – “Now City, Later” __ ( live at Gong Theatre, Carnic Alps)

Artist: Those Lone Vamps
Title: “Now City, Later” __ ( live at Gong Theatre, Carnic Alps)
Keywords: alternative contemporary classical gospel minimalnew wave Udine

Those Lone Vamps are back with a beautiful humble release that will do its best to make you feel okay. The method of a soothing minimal kind collection of sound and a whole bunch of poetic vocal words & manipulations, softly whispered whispers in your ears to seduce your brain; they all work together to get rid of your tensions and let the kind spirited spirits in.

Those Lone Vamps aren’t dirty of time, taking it as long as needed to get you as flexible as a wet sponge, perfectly ready to absorb the fresh attention the music and vocals attempt to give. When you are all sponged up the Those Lone Vamps also provide you with the sound of a croaky wooden chair to sit and lounge on. Such an attentive release, it feels as if the self centered ego of an artist has been kept to a minimal to truly focus on the relaxation of its subjects; the hopeful listeners.

At the final end Those Lone Vamps successfully soaked the brains, put them in the boat and rows them out to a better future; everything comes with a price! Who needs brains anyway? Soothing words is all you need really!

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