Emily Jones – Geeches of the Sea / Paper Bees

artist: Emily Jones
title: Geeches of the Sea / Paper Bees
keywords: alternative experimental pop folk geech geeches indie pop melodic ocean pop psychedelia psychedelic sea silly strange surreal Truro

Emily Jones Is so kind and nice to give us a little Christmas present, well it isn’t exactly a complete gift as on second glance; she is asking hard core money for it, so maybe you can buy it for yourself or a friend as a little Christmas gift as that’s (I believe) the way it is intended by Emily.

Her gift to you is that she had put it out as a little two track single, so that you can now purchase this for yourself, a friend, family member or whoever as a Christmas gift & in the same process you get Emily (the artist) some money too! Or let’s hope so, as with the bandcamp sales I’ve heard some stories of artists never cashing in…

Anyways it’s the thought that counts and this single is nice to think about. Her first song has a nice and jolly feel, with lots of wordplay that Dr. Seuss would be proud off. She sings about see in the sea the geeches of the sea, probably. (My English isn’t great, you see?) There is a lovely cute melody to it, it’s like a pop song for little ones to dance on, but also bigger ones could attempt a jolly wiggle. Bonus thing must be that the song itself seems to have nothing to do with Christmas; life is so good!

Her other song ‘paper bees’ has this other lovable pop folk children friendly vibe, it’s really nice. I love her voice; she sounds warm and without any special effects just bringing herself strong and kind; passionate about songwriting, singing and it works out very well. I have no idea what the song is about (because of my language barrier) but the melody and nice vibes is one that speaks for its own. If I had some money I would buy you this as a Christmas present & even got one for myself; Emily  makes happy!


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