Harsh Noise Movement – Happy EP

Artist: Harsh Noise Movement
Title: Happy EP
Keywords: harsh Noise, Noise
Reviewer: Simon Hit

The movement of Harsh Noise will not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of happiness, but ‘Happy’ by Harsh Noise Movement might be the happiness generator for anyone into stone cold harsh noise. I mean nobody is the same, everyone is different & if that means that some get pretty annoyed and others get extremely happy (and others feel indifferent?) when a fine amount of harsh noise plays… so be it.

Personally I was pretty happy when seeing the front cover, knowing that the harsh noise behind it would crush the happiness away from it and replace it with a scraping sound that most people presume is coming from broken equipment or some kind of happy error. But isn’t that the happiness of it? People checking their speakers, headsets, cables and plugs to see if their music generators had committed suicide or not? Somehow thinking about that makes me happy…

Harsh Noise Wise it does its best to scrape the ears clean, yet it is fairly moving material, so a true nihilist harsh Noise wall fan might be not all too happy about that. But again it’s worth noting that not everyone can be happy and pleased & that on its own is yet another reason for someone else their happiness: someone else their unhappiness. You aren’t happy with how it sounds? Hearing that makes me happy…

I somehow presume that this happy EP isn’t for everyone, but imagine if everyone in the world had to hear it at the same time, the faces and the sound that it would generate… wouldn’t it be funny to have this played on all radio stations across the globe & let people figure out what the hell is happening? Wouldn’t it be a hilarious happy thing? A great happy prank? 

But also the ones who are definitely in to harsh Noise would seriously be turned on by it randomly coming their way; generating happiness and excitement at the same time. Generated harsh Noise Happiness isn’t a case of black and white; it’s a bit like snow  you either enjoy it, or you don’t… with lots of grey areas in the middle. Get the happy EP at the following link (right on time to play it on Christmas Day!)

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