JES – “Let It Snow” Holiday EP

Artist: 3 Time Grammy Nominated & 2 Time #1 Billboard Artist JES.
Title: “Let It Snow” Holiday EP
Keywords: Holiday Music
reviewer: Willem van HO HO HO!

It’s weird to realize how much my head has been stuck in the underground, there is of course so much to see and to hear that it hardly happens to dig your head out above ground and see & hear what is going around in the ‘normal’ world. Today I pulled my head up because of hearing something that resembled Christmas music…

Normally I’m allergic to Christmas and it’s musics but somehow the sounds that I heard that tricked me to go above ground weren’t so terribly cheesy! It was a thing that I thought to give a closer look and hear, because anyone who is able to make Christmas music in a style that it doesn’t want to casually put out a knife and cut off both all of my 3 ears is kind of a miracle, an effort that simply deserves a chance of support… It was that voice… That voice of JES who somehow made these songs listenable… (maybe that’s why she is (apparently) singing a lot on trance tracks?)

But then it happened, I followed the modern Christmas music and discovered it was done by this JES, a very popular artist that I personally never had heard off. When I browsed to her home on a popular social media page my eyes are greeted with thousands of fans liking this artist & also a mention that woke me up:

“3 Time Grammy Nominated & 2 Time #1 Billboard Artist JES.”

Holy moly?! Did I miss something? Here you stumble upon the rarity of a Christmas album that doesn’t make me want to puke done by a (I thought) fairly unknown artist and suddenly I’m in broad daylight realizing that I might be the only one who have never heard of her. It might be a little late, but Ho ho ho merry Christmas indeed!


JES at the grammy awards

So Yes, I’m discovering JES after many people have discovered her music before me; it’s not like walking on a moon or a beach from an undiscovered island but more a busy place with followers, fans and fanatics; please pull a number and line up!

Two times a number one Billboard artist JES, yes? Billboard is pretty big, even I have heard about it & the three nominations at the Grammys; holy macaroni it’s still good fun to know that the Babylon forces of the big media events don’t really reached their tentacles into my own dreamland of darkness and sand just yet. Until this Christmas obviously.

Still it’s not only nice to realize how sheltered we have become in our little world of suckness, it’s also a good day to indeed stick the head up and sniff the fresh air of potential commercial success! It’s Christmas after all, a time of forgiveness and a place in which frenemies and friends sit around and eat peacefully. Somehow this Christmas EP filled with the sweet vocals of JES might be the common ground to meet each other, even though JES might have above ground success her sound could still easily pass as the material that we dig here in our goldmine of underground artists and their music.

Now you might think it’s a great time to talk a bit about this specific Christmas EP by JES, but I don’t think it’s necessary or needed. The music will probably flow and go wherever it wants, dropping down under those Christmas trees like a snowflake and besides there might be a very strong chance that you already know much more about JES and this Christmas EP than I would ever know. She is probably as big as Britney Spears and Madonna at the moment, (that’s a guess) and this Christmas EP featuring three songs sung by her is probably all over the Billboard charts… and If it isn’t… why wouldn’t it be?

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