Leigh Harrison – Happy Now?

a2555016671_10 artist: Leigh Harrison
title: Happy Now?
keywords: ernative pop alternative pop singer-songwriter New Zealand

There is someone waiting for you & trust me it is no lie; it is actually true. The name is Leigh Harrison and the person attached to this name is waiting for your ears to arrive at the humble abode of at first hippy-friendly music. It made me think of the pleasantness of the character that is vashti bunyan but than again in a very different out of league way. Leigh seems to prefer to rock pop more than being all hazy with a crown of daisies in the hair… are you happy now?

Vashti would probably sit on the front porch singing and humming until her lover comes back with freshly chopped wood,
Leigh Harrison seems to be not of the waiting kind; will go out to find the love , only realizing that everything is love and love is everything. Instead of being drowsy from the revelation; Leigh Harrison will create a lovable smooth song out of it. Are you happy now?

Leigh Harrison has also no problem to take up the music pace and lifts it up into a more active happening with electric rhythm along the real instruments that are keeping it real. Is it making me happy? Is this making you happy? Is Leigh Harrison happy now? …with the results? I can’t speak for you or Leigh Harrison, but from my own perspective Leigh doesn’t sound all too sure about being happy at the moment when the main song is recorded. Maybe it’s just the style of drowsy sleepy singing that makes it hard to define. Are you happy now?

The last song is ‘Be Your Rock’ and switches up the energy again. Don’t think of extreme energy, a dance party of some kind -but more a funny lovers-rock tempo. It’s a weird texture that this song has; a combo of eighty pop/rock with sunny guitar, strange progression… I don’t know but it’s a hard one… but not hard as in hard rock (even though the word ‘rock’ will be mentioned frequently) I guess the best word to describe it is that it’s an originality. It’s fun when Leigh Harrison sings to be our rock, rock, rock & fortress in a battle. When a sexy horn pops up to accentuate the music I’m half sold; the best song (the rock-rock-rock) on this EP. Here is a link for you to click:
Are you happy now?

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