Logosamphia – AZTEKDOT

Artist: Logosamphia
Keywords:tags: experimental arabic breakcore chipcore circuitcircuit bending eastern electroacoustic folk folkteklogosamphia neopolka persian tar tekno Rotterdam

Logosamphia brings the virtuoso reputation among virtuosos up a couple of notches. Armed with a Beethoven wig the maestro slams the piano keys like a marvelous talented mouse jumping tightly from key to key while another nearby copy of himself bashes around with a hammer and some electronic digital unfriendly device; the combo is not like mister kindhoover, but only hints to it for a bit. Logosamphia goes behind and beyond, conducts rave with pop sniffing elements. His jaws tightly locked grinding its teeth: this is a conductor unlike any other conductor; one feet in the concert hall and the other in a illegal dance party. One hand rubbing a magical lamp and the other scratching some fake vinyl!

This is the kind flirt of cultural exchange in which the virtuous virtuoso Logosamphia puts combos in the blender and successfully blends things your mother had warned you not to blend together – together. It’s a case of fully fledged cultural interrogation, glueing classical western weirdness, drunk organ players found in city corners, minstrels flying around on flying carpets and breaks breakbeats that fits fat kids dancing upside down.

This mix and match of cultural music habits this virtuoso superglues together against all odds; and oddly enough the odds aren’t so odds over here; clearly hinting that the man’s wig isn’t just a fun fair attraction but just a nice touch of seriousness. Beethoven, Strauss, Mozart; try to beat or even tolerate Logosamphia and his musical wizardry of modern melody composing that redefines genres, cultures and creates a new meltdown that will drive the schooled students of musicology straight towards the lunatic asylum.

Luckily most classical classic composers have already passed on to the after life, although I bet some of them would have loved to team up with Logosamphia and orchestrate a new opus that would make an entire Conservatorium of musical geniuses explode! Home based in his electronics, Logosamphia is under control, conducting his songs and tunes like a wiggling professional that laughs hard at the trying crowd, shows that simplicity is just as difficult and fascinating as full on hard-on complexity.

The virtuous virtuoso should perform these works with an entire orchestra inside a bonnafide concert building with a gasping audience of 50+ people sipping from a glass of LSD spiked champagne; this is the only way and only target audience that will not have exploding brains full of envy, they will be happy to stand up their chairs for a approving folklore dance of appreciation & their success of giving amazing long lasting standing ovations is so well known; I won’t even need to pinpoint it down!

Logosamphia turns classical music goers into mad raving ravers and raving mad ravers into classical music appreciators. When they are all loaded up he mixes them into a spacious disco gala in which everybody present forgets their roots and become a new generation of cultural exchange. Enough brain damage would turn even the most previous cultural barbaric individual in a appropriate protector of the fine arts!

Logosamphia with its Persian roots is never too high to honor its cultural heritage, mixes it up with chop chop tune gallore and bass farts for a moment of pure flag raising! Virtuous as this global virtuoso is Logosamphia never forgets who to thank for its genius mind, salutes it by spreading it around the globe like a self claimed goddess representing the powers of music and culture blending. If the world is in search for the perfect example of mixed culture living lovingly together then Logosamphia an his well conducted album AZTEKDOT is all you need to shut disbelievers up big time!


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