Mavis Bonnie – Thanking You

Artist: Mavis Bonnie
Title: Thanking You
Keywords: R&B, soul, blues, funk, folk

Mavis Bonnie is not only an artist with a body, soul and a voice. No she is also equipped with lots of other body parts, but most importantly a big heart. This big heart might not be seen directly from the outside looking in, but still you can see and pretty much hear it when she sings and does her thing. She performs her wonderful ‘Thank You’ song with so much love and passion that your own heart can simply pick up the heartbeat of her big one; its her and the music that touches you in a way you’ve probably never been touched before.

It’s not touchy-touchy, not a big hug from body pressed against body; it’s something more powerful, a song that surrounds you and that makes you feel like you have known Mavis Bonnie for a really long time. It feels as if you have known Mavis Bonnie through thick and thin, through troubles and good times; like true friends, maybe even lovers, for a most trustworthy relationship that equals that between soul mates.

That is weird you might think… how is it possible to feel all these feelings? How is it possible to feel like you are super close to Mavis Bonnie and have known her all your life, while you probably had never heard of her before opening this write up? It’s because out of so many strange fake people who sing songs for the sake of singing a song; Mavis Bonnie stands out because she is clearly as real as real can be. Her song ‘Thank You’ isn’t just a average song, no, it is in fact an actual real thank you song; she means it! She means every single word, note and expression that she has put inside of it.

How I know? Because of that gigantic heart of her that is behind all of it. It has me infected too, it tells me that everything is real and that Mavis Bonnie sings, performs and wrote this song as a real thank you gift. The accompanying video clip even makes this more apparent, showcasing the real life love & friendship on screen; holding hands and rolling in the grass. We also see a moment of hardship in which Mavis Bonnie has the one whose being thanked for the love and friendship, helping her to relearn how to walk & being there for when things have been difficult…

I don’t know about you but the truthiness and real feelings captured within this song and intriguing video really affected me. I was armed with a tissue plinking my tears away from receiving the powerful emotion of hearing an artist who truly created, wrote and performed something from within. A song so real, so full thankfulness and love that only cold hearted robots might not get affected by it. In a way that’s pretty good as when a robot starts to tear up it might actually get rusty, or face a short circuited problem… sorry robots ‘thank you’ by Mavis Bonnie is for humans only!

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