Smooth4Lyfe – Video Game Remixes Vol. 3

Artist: Smooth4Lyfe
title: Video Game Remixes Vol. 3
keywords: edm electronic hip hop club electronic dance music electronica hip hop remix vgm videogame music Silver Spring

At first I was skeptical, as it was almost too much of a good concept that was going on to be real… but when I heard it, I swallowed my skepticism and hopped right in. Half way I had to spit my skepticism out as it was blocking my air flow, so at least I’ll be alive long enough to babble some nonsensical nonsense on this third volume of an album of video game remixes!

Yes, video game remixes! The title might make you think it’s some experimental artist chopping video game footage in order to cut and paste & glitch it up; but no, it seems to be more about the actual game themes, the official soundtracks or anthems that come with these games. I’m not a gamer as I suck (obviously) terribly at playing games.. In fact let me take the time to tell you a bit about my gaming experience…

Once I was so broke, desperate for cash I somehow saw that some company was searching for gamers to play games for pay. It was to test the games before them being released to the public basically, checking for glitches & probably playability… anyway, I went there and at the front gate they confiscated my passport as the facility is like top secret and you have to sign a contract to not talk or show anything that is happening inside the facility.

So I go in and see this gigantic hall full of men and boys, pimples still all over their faces (I couldn’t see any girls or women) and they were seated row after row in front of screens and controllers. Whatever they are playing it would all be recorded on video tape. They put me with some super nerdy gamers who acted like they are the cool ones but never had seen daylight before. They gave me the controller and I kid you not; I never had a controller in my hands, ever…

I think the game was called Fallout or something. It was a shooting game but before I knew it I went into the game as a virtual girl with an idiotic name and wandered around like it was a Sunday walk in the park, while everyone around me clearly managed to run and jump and shoot. In fact I didn’t even know how to pull her head up so I could see more than just the ground. Had no idea how to shoot or pick up any weapon & for half an hour being shot dead every half a minute and a whole salvo of laughter from the nerds i left them ‘for a cigarette’ took my passport and left… games should be fun, this was like a pig slaughter fest with a hall of sweaty guys glued 9 to 5 shooting each other up. Couldn’t believe nobody would help me as the virtual lady telling me how to run, jump or pick my head up…

So yes, I survived and still play pac-man for free with pride and joy… but the remixed game tunes on this specific third album I’m not familiar with. I know Yoshi, and do like the tune on this album, but the rest doesn’t ring any bells, not even a Christmas one! Still even when ignoring the album cover (oh my gosh more of those unplayable game controllers! Visual hell!) the music on this album is pretty much listenable and danceable as a fun standalone thing.

I can imagine the nerds from the game testing farm having a true blast hearing these tunes though, probably dancing to them in their break, day off or on the way home.. (if they don’t sleep over in the game test factory that is…) But to me, as a non-gamer the music is electronic music that could be a nice soundtrack for a real life drinking and dancing game. A game in which no controllers are needed to play, in fact the winner will have lost complete control! Find these game remixes over at the following link:

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