Zelena Hull – six feet under

Artist: Zelena Hull
title: six feet under
keywords: country, western, folk, singer, song writer
reviewer: Cowboy Joe

Admittedly, YIKIS isn’t the most known for its trustworthiness. Yet, today, here in this little write up I want to be serious as a heart attack. Yes, a heart attack; can’t get any more serious than that. I might even go for a hard attack that’s how serious I feel we should be discussing the following artist Zelena Hull. I think it’s good to be serious like a heart attack / hard attack as that’s how this artist herself is too. She even has a song about it, which she took so serious that it even comes with its own music video.

Yee haw!

In all seriousness you can see emerging country artist Zelena Hull within it, play-backing her vocal song professionally in front of the camera, along with a serious backdrop of a pretty big fountain, a waterfall & two boys (don’t pull a prank guys Zelena Hull will not tolerate it as she is very serious and might give you a heart attack… Or out of nowhere push you around, maybe even into the fountain… (or put you six feet under!) You can see it in her eyes, those are not the eyes that aren’t serious; these eyes are as serious as they could be… might even be more serious than an actual hard heart attack.

To imprint her seriousness and her not to be messed with character you will be treated with images of her walking toughly over a graveyard in bright daylight while heavy electric guitar sets the tough atmosphere; Zelena Hull has zero f*cks to give! But oh the many hard attacks triggering heart attacks are not countable on two hands! She is probably one of the most serious people that you can come across at this very moment in time. The guys around her will have to be really serious and know what they are in for, because when Zelena Hull takes one hand of them… you know it’s serious!

So when Zelena Hull pops up on a video telling you to subscribe to her youtube page, twitter and all the other serious media channels its best that you do it cause you know this girl is not joking around; she is pretty damn to the point and very, very serious. It’s like an offer you can’t refuse; a case of “subscribe or die!” that’s how serious the career of Zelena Hull is. Overlook her cowboy style and say your life goodbye! You don’t even know what had hit you! Yee haw!

You see? Give Zelena Hull the love and support and she promise to keeps the ball rolling; if not; you might be the one rolling! Maybe you will be sixteen feet under, never to be seen again! I’m not joking, don’t mess around here this is serious!
Zelena Hull has been there, crawled and kicked her way up and now ready to sing out the blues and give out hard attacks to anyone not respecting her courageous voice. She is the only artist ballsy and serious enough to put out a video of her singing live on stage with the title ‘six feet under – YOU MUST WATCH THIS’… and in all seriousness if you don’t watch it you’ll be cursed and doomed forever… Noticing many hearts failing around you? Exactly! Be smart, watch it and save yourself; we are being serious!

If you really want to be safe and healthy, you better turn into a groupie / fan / invest in her albums or show some interest by visiting her official website… or else!! six feet under?

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