Dino Felipe – DJ Holiday

Artist: Dino Felipe
Title: DJ Holiday
Keywords: Holiday music, mix

Oh my days, today It’s the day of the days. You know; Christmas Day. The entire internet is flooded with Christmas albums, Christmas compilations, Christmas singles and online Christmas cards. Look here is our one: Christmas?! Yeah I Know It Sucks!

But because of our professionalism you have come to the right address for the Christmas-like Christmas music of this very moment. Don’t worry you won’t need to listen to it all day, but I’d reckon that after hearing Wham’s last Christmas for the billionth time you might appreciate all the time that DJ DJ Holiday does its thing. A Christmas holiday mix of friendly folk and Dino Felipe, mixed by DJ Holiday himself; Dino Felipe.

As a pure father Santa he put on the task to be the DJ Holiday for the season and provided two alternative mixes to get that Christmas Day holiday festive season going in encouraging backdrop ways. The first set seems to be a mix of blending the friendly friends (and himself) together, showing of the love and friendship to get that Christmas spirit out and about.

The other DJ Holiday mix has a more traditional sound that feels as holy as a church on Sunday, a session in which a fancy priest provides the alcoholic blood of Jesus to its loyal followers, tripping balls and seeing angels flying around the main hall. I feel as if Mister Bean could fall down on the floor any minute; a perfect free Christmas gift on this special day among the ordinary days.

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