kawol samarkandi – this will be a sign to you

Artist: kawol samarkandi
Title: this will be a sign to you
Keywords: christmas experimental christmas carol christmas carols christmas music guitar improvisation kawol non-nationality music voice Seaside
Reviewer: Guru Gerard

This music might be music, but it will be a sign to you. A sign towards the right direction, one that points towards the best and kindest improvisation; a prospect of peace and a fruitful continuation of the rest of your life. A sign that tells you to be calm, keep calm, count to 500 if you have too & fill your inner strength with the power of taking things easy.

This sign tells you that you have been doing things too hectic and are now ready to become more steady & settled down. A sign of taking more steps back, not stress out so much anymore and appreciate the act of doing absolutely nothing. This is the sign that things are going to be a bit different, that nothing is in control and that’s why it’s best to just let things go & take yourself wherever the sign will bring you; a happier, more relaxed and blissful version of yourself.

If anything; this is a sign of self hope, a blissful sign of utterly calm meditation pointing out a laid back worry free future. So let the material behind the following link guide you into the sign pointing you musically towards the right direction: 

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