TVMESSIAH uncensored Christmas gifts

This morning when I went to check out my Christmas stocking I was greatly surprised. Santa Claus did come and visit as he filled it up with three things I didn’t ask for! Some sticky Santa slime & Two videos of the good old TVMESSIAH & one was of a erotic kind! In fact I knew of its existence but because it was being used as content for bribery I had given up hope to ever be able to see it with my own bare eyes… I had forgotten about it until this beautiful Christmas morning; I felt excited like a little kid when pulling out the uncensored video for TVMESSIAH’s trust us. They should have renamed this version of the video ‘thrust us’ (to underline the sexual line) but we really shouldn’t complain now that this video is out and in the open.

Of course it is a spectacular music video, one in which citizen M & number 7 rap their hearts out in the hotel room of Johny Depp. The song is hardcore, in your face party hard material in which the couple showcase the benefits of PCP and LSD at the same time. The beats are wicked, the synths are blowing your ears as if they are sausages that have some sensitive action going on… but it’s the uncensored part that will make you forget that we already had been happy with the censored version. I have no idea why they released it like this, obviously to spice up the holiday season… other than that the subjects caught on tape doing naughty things didn’t pay up to keep the video hidden and out of sight.

It is only a matter of time that someone will flag this content for nudity, rawness and perhaps too wonderful to be on YouTube, so I would like to share the content of my now sticky Christmas stocking with you quickly before it’s eliminated or shredded to pieces by the authorities. Nipples are simply a hot bed for hot headed nudity haters who like to oppress the freedom of being nude, but these nipples here aren’t your average nipples but Presidential ones.. Obama and Bush caught on tape! Do I need to say more? Check it before it’s gone forever:

The other video that I found in my sticky Christmas stocking was also one by TVMESSIAH with the wonderful song ‘TVMESSIAH will f#ck you up like LSD’, I’m familiar with the song as it had been you-know-what like a hallucinative drug some time ago & I’m still not fully recovered. The video features as many special effects as possible, flashy lights, old footages reversed, the members of TVMESSIAH and friend clearly high on some kind of home made happy maker… when i placed it out of my sticky Christmas stocking I had the feeling as if it instantly teleported me to some kind of fuzzy club, or a night after with a mind left in shattered pieces; pretty f#cked up!
Thank you Santa Claus!


Little Timmy

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