Yogo Yolk – Electric Dot

Artist: Yogo Yolk
Title: Electric Dot
Keywords: electronic experimental avant-garde krautrockpsychedelic triphop Glasgow
Label: Cat On The Moon Records

Quarking Mad is the chill pill of pleasantly done happiness, just sit back, inhale the fine lady rhythm & present you are a cat high on cat nip. That’s the way to go; satisfied faces everywhere with good intentions going into today and the years to come; treat everyone excellent’ is Yogo Yolk’s message over here & the music provides the angelic touch along with the rhythmic beats to hold on and implant it. We might be high but together we will create world peace.

Just add a bit of spacious fun, some silliness and overall feel goodness & step right in Yogo Yolk’s version of Alice in wonderland; a rhythmic sexy zone in which the music provides the best relaxed trip ambience to either do a fun dance, move your head or simply feel disorientated in goodness. The creativity of Yogo Yolk is energetic and fun & might be the push behind your back to cheer up and smile blissfully.

Time for the munchies with a fine case of super smooth and smooth sweetness of pure Strawberry flavored music. Yogo Yolk includes it all on this polka dot decorated release. Her style of laid back beats and Stoney Maloney synthesizer prettiness is combined with a hazy feel of live instrumentation; she will take you on a trip on the back of a flying bird into happier dreamy zones. When Yogo Yolk takes us in the air, we do fly and see the whole world from bird’s eye view; refreshed and eyes squeezed from the sun; its like a holy moment on this electric dot.

Last but not least the release moves to sink into the toes, making them all twinkle and appreciated. Yogo Yolk directs a man to talk along with electric bird sounds for a magical mix in which rhythm is massaged in; the toes can be happily and wiggling free thanks to this happy health boost of music. Appreciate the overlooked parts of your body, this music and the art of flying away with the sound of Yogo Yolk’s dotty dots!


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