Furchick – Soggy Moggy

Furchick lives on a island in the sea,

She is a scientist, the kindest that can be.

She experiments with science,

Glues electric wires, plants and kitchen appliance.

She goes out walking, singing songs.

Exploring life: finding out why boys have dongs.

Science and experimentation, love and sexual orientation; nothing is for her out of touch, no challenge ever too much.

As a young Furchick, basically an egg.

She sang many songs & invented many stories all recorded on her recording deck.

Now out and redone with Soggy Moggy,

Time to play it to the kids and get a little groggy.

As a little girl she wanted to be a little boy,

Cause boys have all the better toys.

All she got was a stupid doll,

Not cars, lego and a ball to roll. Now she teaches kids and parents equality; all kids play and do, be whatever you want to be’.

She let the kids at the science lab listen to the tracks, which one would go through and who are send to the butt cracks? All of them on Soggy Moggy are trough, for all the kids in the world & you. A lovely song about a dream; rabbits in space! Something you have never seen!
But also a song about kooks, I thought about a train, saws and cooking hats. But maybe I’m utterly nuts, insane like a couple of bats? I made a little drawing if you don’t believe me, here it is you see?
There is also a lovely lullaby, so sweet it almost made me cry. I thought of lovely rolled up cats, a chicken and dog. Is this a Christmas gift for in your sock?
It is absolutely free, even the song about someone wanting all the money.
There is also a nice song about waiting by the gate, you can hear a dog woofing in waiting state. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a dog befriend an alligator, look that’s what I drew later:
There is a story about a schnitzeldog and kids asking a smart question on the phone. If you want happy time for everyone; this will get you in the zone. At the end it’s time for a cat being wet; sitting in a bath; isn’t it rad?!
now quickly click the following link,
it certainly wont stink!

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