Skyjelly – Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard

Artist: Skyjelly
Title: Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard
Keywords: avant-garde electronicexperimental indie indiepop kraut krautrockmutant punk pop psych psych rockpsychedelic rock rock synth United States
Label: Doom Trip

This album consist of a trip train made out of psychedelic progressional music that has an affectionate stoner vibe, something that integrates alternate cultures together while traveling in a hazy glow. From the rough and raw rock and roll the music train rolls into Arabian hints of melodic progression, even some powerful effects of female house vocal repetition steps in to our rail road cabin.

This is the music that makes me feel like the breakfast of magic mushrooms and the drops of liquid psychedelic stimulants inside the morning coffee kicked in most brilliantly. Just sipping and sitting while the music makes the whole world move in a fine steady pace.

They also provide the manly voice who sings so soothingly seducing, as if it’s the candy man himself throwing angel dust all over the music & automatically deep into the listener’s tolerable ears. Even if you haven’t had such a lucrative breakfast the music might be enough to make you believe you have some mushrooms fermenting in your stomach while acid is working nicely on your brain. Music can be so much magic!

The music here simply plays away like a stimulant that always is on the move, yet never in circles but pretty straightforward towards the next trip worthy destination. The tempo and landscape might find variations of speed and sight, but the rails consisting of guitars, drum, bass and special mind expanding artifacts is pretty much solid material.

Even if the train of music seems to roll into a station, the engine keeps on running, slowly bypassing the eager to attend wannabe passengers, so no need to worry about the trip being crowded. They perfectly control the vibe, steer it away from any possible panic attack & instead provide you the best seat near a window to digest it all.

Halfway we have to get of and exchange the train ride for a subway one. What happens in the subway stays in the subway, but I tell you that it’s here that the kick of the magical breakfast has made way for some Stoney energy. It’s as if all walks of the good life have found each other here in this subway system, singing and sensually grooving their way through the underground stations.

Voices bounce against the walls of the vehicles out of the nearly integrated speakers as we move on and on in our little fantasy world. It’s a good place, among friends that we never had met all with their heads up in a cloudy musical daze. When tired, the subway traveler calms down for a friendly ballad in which travelers feel free to sleep on each others lap; life is good when traveling with the drivers that you can trust.

Can’t believe it’s released on a label named doom trip, as even though it’s definitely a trip; this one is clearly the opposite of being doomed. Who cares about destination, when you can sit on a blessed trip like this and (if you play it on repeat) can go drive around all day long? Hop on board:

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