Het Niets – Niks

Artist: Het Niets
Title: Niks
Keywords: harsh Noise wall, HNW
Label: Subsidiary Walls
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Het Niets by Niks is roughly translated as the nothing by nothing. It’s a statement that will suit nihilists who wants to hear or even spend money on something that is at the same time nothing. It’s a great deal, fully inline with a true nihilistic follower and it’s believe system. Too bad that being nothing by nothing is unable to avoid being something, cause if it wasn’t something it would be unnoticeable & fairly speaking not able to be even seen or discussed here on our humble blog.

Even the front cover is able to be viewed, you can print screen it, save it, print it out on a t shirt (if you can) or not. Even though it’s all doing its best to cater to the crowd that wants absolutely nothing, it feels like there is always bloody something. The nothingness in the shape of a lengthy track of audio isn’t even silence, but a crackling steady work of harsh Noise wall that is undeniably something. It might be nothing to be worried about, nothing that stands out in a crowd, hell it won’t even be noticeable among other harsh Noise walls, yet its definitely there.

The label responsible for this record is Subsidiary Walls, who provides every release with the same front cover. It creates a togetherness of void & nothingness and yet together it becomes definitely something… something special even… one day I hope that scientist discover a way to release pure nothingness that is untouchable, unbearable and not even viewable, but until that time this attempt to nothingness is the best nothing out there at the moment.

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