Grey Pale Sinister – Of Slow Decay . . . (compilation)

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister
Title: Of Slow Decay . . . (compilation)
Keywords: experimental, nothing

Grey Pale Sinister has been lurking around in his tortuous nature, hitting those little-fi warrior drums of pure Grimm, slamming these dark cymbals like a devoted demon glued to his instruments by an unfortunate black spell. Grey Pale Sinister peels off the guitar strings with its sharpened blood red nails, hits them into a messy mess that only he can make sense off.

Grey Pale Sinister sets the creepy trend to give you the creeps, freaks you out from a slimy dodgy perspective. Holed up from the darkest corners of the internet this artist is seen licking its lips by observing your ears to do his dumps in. He roughly wraps his pale hands while drool drops out of his grey mouth; doom will all be spread among them & nobody knows which demonic creature has been summoning all the others to haunt you.

Grey Pale Sinister putting out his finest croaky voices to send his terrible friends out to destroy all the joy and love. Grey Pale Sinister defalcates in his own throat just to make the air fill up with poisonous gasses, letting it flow next to the music that unsuspected listeners sniff up through their ears ready to blow their brains out. Grey Pale Sinister of Slow Decay listens away like a nightmare, a goblin with its eyes glued to its many victims, ready & steady to provide you the soup of devilish ingredients to drown in.

He hits the cooking barrels, pokes the ironing rod in the flames ready to burn your ears like a barbecue-ready piece of pork. Grey Pale Sinister steps closer and closer until its in your reach & you are simply too afraid to make a move and save yourself. Grey Pale Sinister paralyzes with its horror sound, making your stomach bacteria bowl up until you want to puke all over yourself; resulting in a dodgy grim smile of the hungry looking devoted evil persona.

Nobody is save from doom and destruction, even the easier going attempts of ambience are raw and unfaithful; everyone will be devoured, peeled like a potato and slowly decay into a trophy on the victims list of Grey Pale Sinister. He is evil, he is dark, his smell is stench and he is very much out to get you! Will you dare to get close to him?

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