Cyborgs With Autism – Cl0ne 0f The Shad0w

Artist: Cyborgs With Autism
Title: Cl0ne 0f The Shad0w
Keywords: edm electronic everything experimental hip-hop rap ambient drone odd weird Boston

Cyborgs With Autism shouldn’t be underestimated, they might seem difficult to work with or to be understood but a little dive into their CI0ne Of The Shadow and you’ll be sure that they are focused and very prominently good at one thing: A special kind of noise that probably can only be produced by cyborgs with autism.

As a non cyborg without autism it made me think of a manipulation of gas, a lengthy session of audio gas that transforms bit by bit, yet hopelessly stays within its own gas-frame. In fact it made me think so much of gas that I had to check the gas if I didn’t left it on by accident.

But no, this release of special noise that suspiciously sounded close to manipulation of gas is all there is. Cyborgs with Autism takes their lengthy time to showcase their gas-like art & probably takes someone with a similar mindset to be fully appreciated or understood.

From a human perspective it might also come across as some code, a code that only the ones in the know might know about: gas signals. Gas signals might be the cyborg equivalent of smoke signals, yet this is audio and no real gas so things are complicated.

The first lengthy session is a stable flow of this gas-like sound that transforms nonstop in a almost unbearable way & the other part is a rhythmic version that makes me want to send it to a science lab in order to hopefully decipher what these Cyborgs with Autism are trying to tell us here. Maybe it’s code for driving people nuts, making them paranoid or perhaps it’s just gassy dance music for Cyborgs with Autism… I don’t know but it certainly kept me busy!

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