EUH! – EUH! 1

Artist: EUH!
Title: EUH! 1
Keywords: electronic experimental experimental jazz free jazzimprovised music jazz new jazz experimental electronicfree improvisation free improvised hard jazz jazz noisepsychedelic Sherborne

When you hear this album by EUH! you will discover drums and pipes. They are being played by a certain Wayne Rex who manages to not just hit them like a studied rhythm machine, but instead plays them like a sensitive human being in a special kind of trance or state of meditation. What Wayne does cannot be done by someone who just follows musical note notation; Wayne Rex clearly plays those pipes and drums more through an emotive side, making music by feelings and vibes.

What Wayne Rex does with the percussive rhythm side of these tracks KEK-W does it notably with the electronics and everything else that you could possibly hear within this record. KEK-W and Wayne Rex clearly are people with similar senses that know each other enough to create these expressions that cannot be learned in a music school. KEK-W comes across as the melodic & atmospheric drive and Wayne Rex the energetic pulse & stimulant.

They have the spontaneous way of their creation captured within their tracks, bringing some kind of avant-garde/rhythm and ambiance that is raw and natural. That is what this EUH! 1 by EUH! seem to stand out in, being whatever KEK-W and Wayne Rex wanting it to be, going for sessions of lovely experimentation, jazzy bits, mellowness, rhythmic slumbering, things that are sensible, emotional and in all fairness a great showcase of friendship prospering in a music output that is pretty much EUH! And EUH! is the excellent combination of Wayne Rex and KEK-W. chill out while they provide you their feeling-vibes at the following link:

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