Glice – PONI vs Glice

Artist: Glice
Title: PONI vs Glice
Keywords: experimental drone lo-fi noise pop Eindhoven
Label: Barreuh Records

Why striving for perfection if you never achieve it? That’s what the artists must have thought when creating the first track on their release. It isn’t perfect, but in that case it’s so fulfilling that it actually is. The instant sound is bossy, fuzzy like a singing guitar player in a small room with a hard working smoke machine; not able to see the microphone or the guitar -only foggy smoke… still the song, loud and bold comes across like an ear opener, something that makes a listener sit up and think; what the hell is this intense fuzzy emotional drama?

It certainly sounds dramatic, a theme that continuous with the next work named ‘elevator noise’. It seems that a backing track is playing softly & the two collaborators crash the backdrop by making more electric distortion and dramatic voice appearances. When they leave the backdrop alone it really takes the feel as if we are indeed waiting in an elevator to go up or down; but seem to be stuck half way through.

The release goes through by expressing a weight on the shoulder in music form, so in case you expected more drama you will find this album pretty much a source for satisfaction. The sound here takes it time, more heavy compared to the other tracks, yet not that it will give you back-pain or a headache. It ends with some weird call of possibly guitar noise, its calm yet animalistic; a cry for help possibly…

Need For Addiction is up next, which sounds pretty tense and intense. It captures nicely the urge to wanting to do something that you shouldn’t do; going back into the habit that you have tried to stop for a half day, but don’t seem to be able to function without. You can hear the nervous nerves battling for conquering the addiction but the voices in the head and a raised heartbeat clearly steering that running away will be no option; your killer vice will be the winner and resisting is useless. At the end the music zips us up with an alien sound that is pretty much irresistible; so much so that it might become a addiction on its own. Luckily the track goes out with a ending of noise that wakes us up like a warning again..

The best part on this release is in my humble opinion The Orlando Suit. It’s an intensive hearing session, going through different stimulating audio works that sound like ambient drone collages to factory industrial machinery. It’s a great and detailed listen with lots of progress and interesting artifacts. It made me dream of a world in which machines have taken over human life & they themselves have started to become living beings. In the city centers all is uninhabitable but outside there is lots of humble life to be found, some animals might hop around in an overgrowth of nature, now freely freed to roam around with no humans around anymore. An intense journey that feels like a science fiction movie of a hopeful future without the cockroaches of the earth; the humans. Conclusion? An emotional release with an excellent adventure at the end.


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