Kaschade – Performance (2016)

Artist: Kaschade
Title: Performance (2016)
Keywords: ambient dark ambient space music experimental rock Germany

When Kaschade drops a album named performance you might not actually expected it to sound like a performance, but oddly it sound as much as a performer performing a intriguing performance with audio. It’s one that has dark feel yet has plenty of glitter and magical sparkles written all over it. It is pretty much one of tricks being performed in your ears and all you can do is drop your jaw on the floor and wonder how Kaschade could be such a good audio magician.

It’s one big performance that seems to focus on how to keep the tension, the act to keep the mysterious pressure of the act up and going. A melange of minimalism with a dose of maximalism, creating soundtracks that could be just as fitting for a psychopathic therapy session, crime scene investigation backdrop or a circus side show in which a dark clothed figure does magical tricks with a dark undertone.

There might be thirteen tracks, but the whole of it sounds as pretty much glued together as one. See it as a mysterious act with different innovating scenes and introducing new elements of sounds. Some times I think of heartbeat meters, tricks with old fashion modems, type writers being typed by hyper active mice & always a lot of magical stardust and glitter to keep the scenes spinning in a state of weird togetherness.

It’s difficult to say what is going on, what the actual performance by Kaschade is all about, but that’s the beauty of it; it feels like its one trick that is being done by a professional magician who easily could use hypnotics to make you believe you are in a jazz bar, makes you believe you could eat a lemon and let you walk around like a chicken. It’s dark magic, yet the warm pleasant glittery sounds used in the performance are making it a show accessible for all ages and moods; not so dark after all! Let me wave my magic stick and let a magical link appear here for you to click:

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