Christa – Christa

Artist: Christa
Title: Christa
Keywords: power pop, pop
Reviewer: Willem van O.

The more we go towards the future named 2017, the more we have lost artists that had been huge in the eighties. No need to name them all as we aren’t here at a global funeral, instead I was happily surprised to hear Christa by Christa as this artist might just pop up on the end of this year, her vocal style and sound choice of the music is as eighties as it can be. I’m not entirely sure if that was a career choice (a smart one as everyone with fond memories of that time will hunker back to the good old days) or simply a coincidence, but whatever it is it has the eighties written all over it.

It’s the sound but also the power pop ballads that makes me think of the big classics done by things like swing out sister, banana Rama, Belinda Carlisle, Madonna, Shakespeare’s Sister… I believe that all of them in my little name drop show have survived 2016?! Bless them and may they live forever! Christa’s Christa has this lightweight power-pop pop sound that will transport you back in time and will make you want to spray hairspray in your hair, chew bubblegum and wear lots of crosses around your neck and surround your arms with a bunch of bracelets… it’s got that ‘girls wanna have fun’ kind of tone, (Cindy L. Please hang in there 2016 is almost gone!) but a bit more less fun perhaps, or maybe it’s because the odor of dead is still in the air. In anyway if you thought 2016 might have been the end of the eighties, you have been wrong; it’s only the beginning!

Christa’s Christa will probably entertain a new pop generation for years to come, so dry your tears, remove your fears and embrace the power pop sound of this mega star in the making! Don’t be sad by what we have lost, be happy with what we have gained! Christa’s Christa simply couldn’t have a better timing to pop up, a savior within these drastic times of loss and tragedy.

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