Various Artists – Fire Music (2016 LoFi Best Of)

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Fire Music (2016 LoFi Best Of)
Format: micro cassette
Keywords: argentina experimental vvaa experiementalimprovisation jazz and improvised music lo_fi lowfimicrocassette noise Argentine
Label: Adaptador Records

Adaptador Records just released a ‘best off 2016’ compilation and thanked us for our humble support throughout the year. They pointed out a link from where we could hear fragments of this compilation. Because we are so humble and nice, here is a review of (mind you, not the entire release!) the fragments available…

Fragment one introduces us all to the penetrant sound of the lo-if micro-cassette. It takes a bit of time to get used to it, at first it might sound a. It like a annoying buzzing insect that starts to do a jolly dance in rhythmic form

On fragment 2 we can hear a band that seem to like rocking out just as much as swallowing a kazoo. They copy the right riffs with the mouth along with guitar with nice menacing results.

Going for fragment 3 will reveal something that sounds like we have stumbled in the middle of a rehearsal, someone discovering the use of a microphone announcing things like he is the owner at a local shopping mall. The rest of the band providing the shopping music.

the circus is clearly in town when listening to fragment 4, they have kindly taken in a bunch of side way folk music makers to perform, while the rest of the circus crew takes a break and nibbles on some kibbles.

I don’t know what it is but the following fragment (number 5) comes across as if some psychopath is easily and most subtle drilling a hole in my skull as well as brain. Somehow there are no screams included so there must be some specific chloroform used to record this all so peacefully

…with fragment number six the drilling ordeal simply goes on, but finds some resistance. Not in the form of screaming but more in a bone that seems a bit harder to go and drill through.

In fragment 7 we can enjoy a gossiping jazzy frog with wet juicy lips doing some groovy material. I imagine someone hearing this microcassette by accident and getting hysterically excited when hearing this.

Within fragment eight you can hear the result of someone hacking the flute part of a tea kettle. An extraordinary thing gets produced out of it… it also makes thirsty for actual tea!

In fragment number 9 we can hear a thematic theme song. It’s not exactly a song because it has no words, but somehow it feels nice to say it’s a song. Let’s call it a track, one with a melodic hangover that nicely plays along with the lo-go noise that reminds of a rather large bumble bee.

The last and final fragment is a happy and jolly one, making me feel tele-transported in to the early medieval times to see a odd looking minstrel perform. I imagine a strange red and green costume, a funny little hat with bells on it, oh and fluffy knitted shoes!

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