Kai Nobuko – lobit l8

Artist: Kai Nobuko
Title: Lobit L8
Keywords: lobit, 8kbps
Label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.cz/?m=1

In secret we are working on a little party for the last day of the year all the way into the new year, you are of course invited but don’t know it yet because it’s still a secret, & in case it fails at least nobody will be disappointed and have to cry all the way into the new year. Because organizing such a secret party cost a lot of time everything else became on a hold today… but it’s not possible to not put out one post today because you know… superstition! If there is no update today there might be a chance that I will explode! Kaboom! Like early fireworks but with my intestines and left overs of my brain all over your face and costume… who will clean up? Not me that’s for sure…

So it’s l8 at night and I’ll be just blabla-Ing away cause you know; Yeah I Know It Sucks has taken over like a dominating beast, sucking all the energy straight out of my nipples like a demanding little baby that grew throughout the years into a total beast. A enormous monster with more than 3844 ‘reviews’! This year so many people have visited this always expanding creature the most out of any other year, if we could all round each visitor up and place them into a football stadium we would all be pretty much sniffing each other’s armpits from a very close distance, so thank goth that it’s just a thought and no reality.. I don’t know about your armpit, but mine is deadly at the moment.

So I guess I wanted to take this random opportunity to thank you for visiting, supporting, sending your shite towards us, making me personally laugh and cry (and sometime a good combination of them both at the same time!) I can thank people, contributors, toy animals, spicky lee jones the hamster, head commenters etc etc but you know who you are and you know words are too downgrading for actual thank you feels and vibes. Besides nobody asked for a slow sentimental goodbye speech, for drama and salty tears; we came here to read about ‘lobit l8’ right?

Well it’s not gonna happen, except that it’s very late, around 5 , 6 in the morning… or is that early? And i thought to just make a sentimental shitpost as a undercover excuse of discussing lobit l8. I might be biased but not that biased to talk about such a thing all the way at the end of the year… you see I made lobit l8 once at another l8 night session in which I didn’t turn to you to write sentimental words, but spend it making lobit. so see this as a filler, a little nonsense in the wait for the secret final party over here (to hopefully celebrate more parties to come..) See this writing as a lobit l8 writing, a bit sentimental, half asleep and semi half awake. A brain making bleeps and blobs & fingers hunkering for a typewriter but instead coldly touching & typing away on a modern day piece of electric glass.

What will 2017 bring us? Text to speech posts? Virtual reality reviews? I’m still hoping on the 3D printer, in order to print people out for l8 night ‘conversations’ that aren’t creepy or disturbing. Hell I would probably print out my own sausage and make it into a microphone… uh… I guess it’s too l8 at night to make sense and its best to unplug the plug before the damage is too far done that no morning after pill will save this post from being born… I will say goodbye, hope to see you later at the secret party and oh here is a link just to make it look like a review: happy old / new year!

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