The Best Music Videos of 2016 that will blow your mind

Welcome! So happy you made it! Good to see that you survived 2016; also known as the best year EVER. This is probably our last get together at the final day of the year; in our search for a nice way to casually going into another one we have organized a nice shit show! No! Let me refrain this; you are in for an amazing party time brought together by friends and foes of the music industry.

We are showcasing a fine collection of music videos released in 2016, one pearl for the ears and the eyes after another. Thanks to the help of some prominent tasteful people from all over the world you have now a reason to open the champagne and become an alcoholic. They have send in so many music videos that it almost killed us… yet here we are, sane, stable, healthy and sucky. So yes, thank you all for coming and we hope you will enjoy our ‘end of the year list’ of the best of the best music videos of 2016 that will blow your mind…

Feel free to clap.


thank you all for coming

Projekt Luty nagrywa – Rokpank
Projekt Luty nagrywa from Poland has had so many beautiful epic music videos this year, it made me confused which one(s) should end up in this celebrative list of “THE BEST MUSIC VIDEOS of 2016”.. so big chance I put them all in here somewhere.. But to start, this video for Rokpank must be one of the personal favorites out there.. The main hero in this video is the hair of the guy named Stan, it is alive and seems to live a life on its own… it likes to dance and rock out! I don’t know, I think it’s one of the best music videos of 2016… It’s just so real! With its 27 (!) views to date, you can feel like a precious special sparkle and be viewer number 28! (wouldn’t that be awesome!?)

Honey g – Hush Your Mouth (Official Music Video) @ukurbansfinest
For the following video we have a special take over by nobody less than music lover & music maker Brian Bordello from the Bordellos. He is known for his honesty and wonderful appreciative words, so let’s see what praises Brian Bordello will have for the following video:

Brian Bordello:
this is pretty appalling , it is by Honey g somebody who made it to the televised stages of the x factor in the uk this year,, this is what we are up against its not even camp or slightly arch it is just shit .. it looks and sounds like some posh mum waiting outside a school disco waiting to pick her lisping 12 year old son Tarquin .. people actually spoke about this woman newspapers wrote about her .. she should have been just ignored it encourages what can only be described as blandness it has not one redeeming feature it is not even funny , only funny in the way it makes me want to tear off my ears and shove it down her throat ,she is the kind of woman who buys all her rap music from Amazon the kind of woman who goes jogging in a taxi so she does not get her track suit sweaty people call the Bordellos antimusic but this is true antimusuc this is a carrerist trying to fleece Britains brain dead out of a few pennies .. David cameron probably dances to this as a jolly jape .. musics for cunts to cunt to..

Alam duit cover lucu bikin ngaka
This music video will probably astound you if you haven’t seen/ heard it before. The band is so wild, so out of this world while still being inside this world; it’s pretty much amazing! When I saw and heard it I was firmly impressed; the location was wonderful (it’s all about the location!) the artistic style of yellow socks, headbands, and super star goggles is innovative to say the least! I don’t know about you, but this is the boyband of 2016 that have made me fall in love and I’m sure not the only one! (thanks to Agnes Pe for the good taste and finding this amazing clip!)

“IceJJFish – I Want More”
Ice JJFish brand new single comes with a video clip that showcases the wonderful and beloved talent with a bit of hair on top of his head. It’s the song that will conquer the hearts of his fans and foes & the video yet another highlight within his long living music career. He takes the camera by surprise by showcasing his fancy dance moves that almost distract you from the amazing voice singing the ‘I Want More’ song. 2016 might have been a year that sucked many famous male singers into death; IceJJFish is still very much alive and unstoppable. If you pay attention to the beautiful background of trees and plants you can see them dance in approval. Hear and see this and you might want some more… (Or join the celebrities who didn’t make it into the next year…)

Pancake Promises – Meat Nappy
A spectecular stellar video from the legendary Pancake Promises,
a one man band who makes superb jingles and this is a wonderful one for a product called ‘Meat Nappy’.
The video stands out in minimalism & amazing synchronized special effects! It’s something you won’t see every day,
so you might aswell see it today!

“Najah Safiya – Eat The Cookie”
Talking about talent that came out of nowhere; Najah Safiya! She dropped a bombshell song named ‘Eat The Cookie’ which clearly is a scripted code for ‘eating a biscuit’. The song is one that sounded so good that it shocked me & many other listeners! The original video featuring Najah Safiya with her beautiful golden hair dancing and singing around with a walking stick made famous by Charlie Chaplin was so mind boggling that it went an instant sensation. Najah Safiya has the voice of a charming angel and ‘Eat The Cookie’ is one of the top discoveries that this year delivered!

“Sally Wright – Got It Rough”
Sally Wright was one of the hottest artists that 2016 has brought us, her raw and rough song ‘Got It Rough’ had us rocking our heads & even cleaning our ears (just to hear it all better!). The rock song ‘Got It Rough’ has to be taken very serious as she tells it as it is & her passionate music video in which Sally and companion performs is as passionate and real as the actual lyrics. The most fun of the video must be the sight of the wicked drummer who first is secretly hidden out of sight, but suddenly pops up in the backdrop! Quality at its finest!

“TFG – Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men”
Since the discovery of TFG (Totally Fucking Gay) our own sex life has been all spiced up and hot like a hot sauce again. Their music video for their hit song ‘Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men’ was the obvious visual stimulant that could make a toothpaste tube squeeze itself out spontaneously! So many quality cocks in this video, such a great vocal performance and so many hot bodies; even Donald Trump is happily dancing along: a top classic of 2016!

Pitura Stail – Super Mose
This top music video full of criminal scenes that will make a movie like ‘who framed roger rabbit’ question it’s existence , is the one by Pitura Stail. Super Mose is the super hero in here, building like a magical Donald trump a wall around town and blowing up the thieves… unfortunately a weirdo looking dude with a long grey beard in a sleigh has also troubles to come in. The music; horrible, the video; dreadfully good! (thank you mysterious contributor who doesnt want to be named)

Proud contributor, music maker, game developer, record label owner Jan Strach also wanted to share his favorite video clip of 2016, he even has some personal words for it… very interesting ones too!

Jan Strach:
it was made by a Man evidently very proud of himself, to celebrate 1050 years of Polish Christianity. It was made in my home city of Poznan which I am at the same time proud and Ashamed of. What is best about it? Feel free to choose yourself between weird dancing, random old People in the background, hardcore drone Action, reluctant passers by being shoved yellow fliers, and the Dudes scarf. The upside is you get a few shots of my beautiful City. It is worth adding the church was less than happy with this kind of promotion and asked that it is taken Down. Lucky for us, it is still There!

Chip The Black Boy – Am I Weird
One of the best music videos that scarred the eyes and ears forever came from the debut album by Chip The Black Boy, the doll who cuts a compact rap song that all psychopaths could identify with. Am I Weird is terrifically brilliant, frighteningly good and also pretty much out there:

Pika Taro – PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
This song was such a hit that it would be impossible not to know about it. Still it should be very much included in this top notch list of quality high tech top hits with ultimate video clips! The song is like a classic teaching English video (something we could use here, as you can see my English sucks…) but Pika Taro is a teacher dressed for the job, speaking very clearly and visually! It’s not for nothing a 2016 mega hit!
(Thanks to Furchick for suggesting this video!)

LADYBABY “蓮華チャンス! / Renge Chance ! “
Next to the upbeat and quirky viral happening of ‘pineapple pen’ scientist, sound experimenter and furry chick Furchick came up suggesting a shockingly good 2016 music video by LADYBABY. It’s the commercial answer to BABYMETAL with two petite looking singing girls and a rather big and hairy one. Apparently setup by a costume company, clearly proving with this ludicrous trio that their dress up costumes come in all shapes and sizes. Furchick had this to say about it: “”It’s not my favorite video but memorable”” which probably roughly translates as that its traumatizing in a unforgettable way! Actually it’s pretty fun how awkward it all is! Definitely a 2016 shocker!

Boris – Slingshot
One of the most beloved video of 2016 with probably the most dislikes by jealous YouTube users is the mega (s)hit by Boris. Boris and his bare chest are representing Denmark, making every Danish person on the internet feel probably very proud to share the country with this super pop star. The song and video are very peculiar, first of all his voice seems not to fit his looks, making me feel as if someone else is actually singing this song and Boris is just the self-loving selfie filming front. It is clear that someone must have told him that he should show his abs (half of the video might be a little bit much, even if our star puts on a jacket it’s a see through one!) it’s all pretty awkward and yet that is what makes it into a highlight of the music video industry in the year 2016. (Thank you Mr. Whisp for suggesting this awesome video!)

Niebla Fascista – Breed
The intensity of Breed by Niebla Fascista is glorified with this stripped down session of music video entertainment. The original video features the artist in his natural habitat colorfully singing (probably) how exciting his life is at the moment. Don’t you envy Niebla? Don’t you wish to too have such a artist life when watching this golden music video? (Thanks Agnès Pe)

Leafy Suburbs & Lana – Complete
To cheer anyone up Leafy Suburbs teamed up with Lana, or Lana teamed up with Leafy Suburbs; its all about perspective… They TEAMED up and brought a spiritual music video for a deeper level song that now feels very much complete. It features sunny but windy shots of the pair in the outside, showcasing Lana’s ability to sing so fluent and clearly without microphone in whatever area she is placed in. Even behind a wooden fence her singing voice is not dimmable… Also Leafy Suburbs is at home everywhere, armed with a modern day synthesizer that doesn’t need electric or cables to be connected he plays mysteriously the keys to form this tune… No wonder that Bitch Fork Magazine called it the music video clip of the year! How touching it is! (thanks Furchick!)

Walt Winston – There’s Roaches In Your Raisin Bran
Walt Winston is the number one! He has more number one albums (and albums in general) then the Beatles and still going strong with his amazing releases on Walteria Records. With televised appearances and large football stadiums singing his ‘truck drivers aren’t supposed to cry hit song’ he definitely made it as a super star. You can see that all his hard work has been paying off as for his 2016 hit ‘There’s Roaches In Your Raisin Bran’ he clearly let it all hang loose, invested billions in realizing the greatest graphics, high fidelity quality of the song (made of course in a top notch studio!) and the result is one of the most expensive and innovative music videos of 2016! (thanks Walt Winston super fan Sid Yiddish for reminding us this brilliant artist)

Reed Trow Foreman from Doomettes is also here to tell us about something he had seen that was amazing… What was it Reed?

the weirdest thing I saw this year was this series of videos where a guy heats a butcher knife to some ridiculous temperature & cuts random things with the glowing hot blade, all supposedly in the name of science. The videos have background music in them, but aren’t really music videos.

Here is what I’m talking about:

Grosgoroth – Voy a la biblioteca
Agnès Pe had a lot of suggestions for this list of 2016 best music videos. One of them was also a personal new favorite discovery of the year; Grosgoroth. I probably discovered it by walking around like a creep in Agnès Pe her shadow, nonetheless the creepy facts Grosgoroth is pretty cool! And the music video for Vot a la biblioteca has such stunning animated graphics that you will probably be pissed off at Disney for their low quality animated movies of the last year… the video also stands out by realizing the fantasy of eating the blue rascals, better known as the smurfs; isn’t it perfect?

Niebla Fascista – Vetas [b/Bricomaniac]
Also one of the hottest videos of 2016 according Agnès Pr was Vetas, a music video that simply kept it all too real, showcasing a mop head rapping ludicrously in your face from the comfort of his fauteuil. Niebla also showcases some amazing dance moves that even IceJJfish might want to look into.

Probably the best media video on this list might be the one that features the curiously vague pictures & even more curious information in MAITEFEEME. The music is like heroine, you put it on your ears and you probably feel passing out & those images are probably the last thing you would like to see before such a thing happens: pure quality!

2016 was definitely the year of many audio and visual master pieces! And GRUPO HOMO’s live performance was indeed the talk of the town, heck; the talk of the entire planet. When this performance of the century hits YouTube it automatically travels the digital highway to entertain and thrill you for a full length show that will keep you probably entertained all the way towards the gallows. Love it! (thanks Agnes for slipping this one in!)

Ricky De Sire – Gesuggereerd Groot
It is probably still one of the better videos and music available within this list, but thanks to a suggestion of Niek Hilkmann, who surprisingly shoved his biasedness aside (he plays guitar and backing vocals here within this track) for bringing this high quality work to the final light of 2016.
Ricky De Sire is one of the Dutch long lasting and standing old school rockers so if you hear a strange language; it’s probably Dutch. The video is accesable for everyone, clearly directed with a large budget, featuring the hero and friends in multiple expensive looking lo-fi shots & stills. The nicest one must be Ricky De Sire on a bicycle filming himself in the reflection of a shop window

Schilderijen van Paul Thissen-Hommerson
It’s perhaps not really a music video in the traditional sense of the word, but this video (also suggested by Niek Hilkmann; it’s his favorite of the year!) features Paul Thissen-Hommerson showcasing multiple of his paintings and artworks with a free downloadable copyright free music thingy on the background. The faces and poses he gives including the various painting of cats and rock stars are definitely a thing to be on the lookout for! What a memorable year 2016 has been!

Rihanna – Work Ft. Drake
Contributor Mr Whisp also came up with a surprising video suggestion for the best of 2016, a video by the reasonably unknown Rihanna with an unpopular song we had never heard of before named ‘Work’. It was the first time that we watched this video and it made me think that Mr Whisp (no disrespect intended) didn’t fully understood our concept over here.. It’s a list of THE BEST MUSIC VIDEOS of 2016.. not the worst! And quite frankly this must have been the worst… He also came up with a parody which was better than the original… Good lord, This must be the most annoying song ever!
the original:

the parody:
thanks mr Whisp for giving us all a headache!

Nano Studio & Keep Rollin’ Production presentano: MENETH
The best year ever among all the other years presents MENETH! A band that have the potential to become big, but choose by their own choosings to be small.They play as serious a one in a million song and they are having fun while they are at it. You got to love the singer when he flips into second gear channeling some mouse high on speed.. The video clip is filmed in such an original way, camera angles, shots, even a blair witch moment.
It’s serious business and all 177 views and 3 likes don’t lie! This is hot stuff! (thank you person who knows the singer of this band but doesnt want to be named in fear for reprecussions..)

Projekt Luty nagrywa – Boze Cialo
Another mega video clip of Projekt Luty nagrywa comes for their amazing energetic hit tune ‘Boze Cialo’. The duo is seen rocking out in a very punk environment, drinking beer and singing lovably with head inside a cupboard. The energy by this project is as infectious as is the lack of special video effects in this video; these two characters are basically all you need!

Daveo – What’s Wrong
A very catchy song and possibly hot hitting club hit. The power of Daveo’s ‘What’s Wrong’ sits not only in the strong visuals but also very much in the strong relatable words of the actual song.
If you aren’t afraid to see the artist and his cock, then please enjoy the following video:

Thank you for going through this shit list!
Let’s celebrate by blasting some firework!
killeryHappy New Year!!!

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