August Kleau – 5 Easy Pieces

Artist: August Kleau
Title: 5 Easy Pieces
Keywords: classical experimental piano piano solo romanticGreat Barrington
Reviewer: Easy Eric

Hello easy rider, are you taking your life easy? Need some easy listening for on the easy ears? August Kleau brings us the easy culture, the easy past in a new easy coat. August plays the piano in a crystal clear easiness and a kind sound aesthetic that will easily please you. it’s this specific easy going sound thar these 5 easy pieces by uneasy composers Bach, Mozart, Satie and Bartok sound so fresh and easy on the ears. It’s really nice to hear these compositions being so easily played and recorded in this realm of easiness, it’s so kind and easy to the ears and relaxing for the easy going heart. My heart was so at ease and relaxed after listening to these easy vibes that it only beats when it’s really, really, really necessary.

The easy EP is especially nice when you are a frequent visitor to these compositions by these uneasy composers, as most older recordings, either performed on piano, violin or a whole orchestra… they all have that uneasy layer of dust on top of them, the recordings are always a bit grainy or full and overwhelming, the sound quality (even some top notch) cannot seem to compete to the easy going and fine sound aspects of August Kleau; it’s easy to say that these five pieces are the nicest pieces in the easiest sound for the ears; easy listening for all that loves it easy:

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