Jkabo – Chicken Noodle Funk Ep1

Artist: Jkabo
Title: Chicken Noodle Funk Ep1
Keywords: electronic music funkglitch hop hiphop instrumental noodles pop poppingFinland
Reviewer: Arie Lilkoek

Too start the year with some fine fitting music you might be in for a search, or simply stick with us over here. In case you aren’t aware 2017 is the year of Chicken so it’s best to start with music that will please this chicken year. This EP will certainly do; it’s filled with chicken-friendly chip-tuning slow samurai noodle tunes that will make sure you are feeling all refreshed in a retro kind of way.

The music is melodic, groovy and funky, so perfect in case you wanted to do an ode to the year by doing THE funky chicken dance. It’s the kind of music that could turn steady looking beaks into smiling ones, effectively make faded feathers glow and whiplashes disappear. Jkabo (the creator of this EP) has a fine sound going on, with some melodic parts that make me think of Japanese chickens and the act of being bamboozled by chopping sticks and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It’s a quirky fun EP, the tracks sound close to each other as if it’s one gigantic chicken disco session with big beats and tight chicken friendly grooves that just want to make you dance.

Will you check it out or are you chicken?

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