Gone In 60 Seconds – Volume 3 by I Heart Noise

Artists: various
Title: Gone In 60 Seconds – Volume 3 by I Heart Noise
Keywords: experimental ambient indie noise popnoise rock post rock Boston
Label: I Heart Noise http://twitter.com/#!/iheartnoise

The wonderful interaction between human and music machine really shines in the first minute of this fabulous release. It’s done by Charcoal Sketches of the Invisible Man and comes across as a human bunch of vocals doing the universal ‘lala’ while a synthesizer mellowness functions as the spicy sauce. Feel free to sing along wherever you are based upon our planet (or beyond!)

The next minute by Phirnis sounds like a nervous student scribbling quickly answers on a exam paper, while nervously kicking its feet against the chair of a fellow student.

Good old Twink takes care for a formidable cool toy piano (and friends) work that will make you want to wear sunglasses and play with stuffed toys at the same time.

Eu La comes with a short but nifty summer jam played out in a sunny guitar that seems not in a rush whatsoever. That’s probably why it is sounding so summery, it comes across as having all the time in the world, as if it’s played on vacation, clearly defying space and time of the limited one minute.

Odorbaby elevates the most beloved goblin of all on its fine throne of recognition; Alex Jones. He respectfully created a rocking melodic tune around this man’s wicked voice in which he points out that he is a human and that all humans look like him. It is a beautiful tribute and a perfect combo! Bravo!

r0x4ry brings a moment of electronic folksy coziness, a easy going melodic dance attack that would fit a pair of wooden clogs made out of Legos & a awkward Tirol dance with lots of happy slapping on the ass and the back of a person’s heels!

Tuath rings my bell with the ultimate soundtrack for last year ‘Hillary scares the shit out of me’ and hell, she scares the shit out of me too. Unfortunately my shit is so scared of her that it sometimes just don’t even want to come out. I have to make sure not to be in hearing range of anything Hillary as otherwise no feces would come out.. the music here has nothing to do with shit, but does cover that nice paranoid sound that my own shit can identify with.

Colin Raff is the bringer of a more positive sounding minute, a bit like old Macdonald on the farm, a ideal short track for a bit of line dancing.

Uhyeah! seems to take us into space, in some unknown flying object with a kind of unidentified blob trying to talk something in our ears while the whole spaceship is speeding up for a tour around the galaxy.

Skyjelly is taking us back to earth with a shimmering Stoney Maloney work that feels very much hand made and hand plate. Guitar strings are tested out for their reliance and somehow I feel like there is a drastic need to warm up a can of beans above a fire…

Owlbinos of Northfield is a wonderful project and the one minute that it provides doesn’t disappoint at all. It’s the music that makes me want to settle down on the couch and stick my hand in my pants just like Al Bundy. There is just something so relaxed and fine over here that you just feel like being all at ease with no possibility to have anyone disturb you… ambient classiness!

James Discovers gives a moment of shivering rock. It’s tough, raw and is gone before my hair is grown into the haircut of a rockstar. Seriously this deserves a listener with long hair.

Nat Lyon brings the memorable tune that comes with a message ‘don’t worry it coming home’ he brings this with fanatic sounding drum and a petite guitar & it makes me feel like someone marching home for Christmas.

Dyr Faser goes for that psychedelic psychedelia that has the rhythm, the sound and the intoxicated human clearly saddled up for a short but fine little ride among lucid brainwaves.

Tardigrades in Space is responsible for the most fun sounding tune in which in full original quirkiness with a nice flow of energy a strange voice sings repeatedly ‘ I Think, Therefore I Wish I Didn’t Exist’ it’s meaningful, funny and basically (at all odds) a reason to live!

Instagon is also on board over here, creating a dodgy sounding avant-art minute of improvisation, or so I presume. It is a bit vague leaving enough space for your own musical interpretation.

Chester Hawkins filled its sixty seconds up with ‘A Bacterial Cinema’, its a nice ear filling performance, like hunkering stadium horns on repeat ready to announce an upcoming football goal.

The last and final bit is by Hyperwizard who brought a psychedelic soundtrack that is fully packed and yet so compact. They should make sixty seconds lasting so much more seconds… so much good music over here! Feel free to click the following link:

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