Numen – Sucesivo

Artist – Numen
Title – Sucesivo
Keywords : Ambient, folk, sound, mexico
No label –
Released Oct 2016
reviewer: Wayne Rex

From the very opening track ‘Efecto’ we can safely say that we are in for an atmospheric and trippy ride, indeed. Numen (a one Mr Edgar Mota) to my ears is translating particles and fragments of time and matter into between 2 and 8 minute pieces of music for our listening pleasure.

A minimal production and even though dark at times is mainly an album of joy and love and you can feel every emotion that must have be coursing through Numen’s veins as he was creating this work. A particular favourite of mine is track no:5 Descontextualizacion which I could listen to over and over again, hear and moreover feel something quite different and unique every time.

I’m not sure what they’re putting in the water in Mexico but if this music is anything to go by, I want in!! Track No:7 ‘Producto’ would not feel out of place played in a nightclub with hundreds of perspiring bodies dancing uncontrollably to the infectious minimal rhythms that to me sound like how an alien would recreate the traditional music they may have experienced whilst taking a yearly holiday in their spaceship to South America, Earth; once back in their galaxy, far, far away.

One must not forget the artwork of the release. Created by Eduardo Makoszay, it fits rather well in with the music it’s accompanying and in it’s own right can capture a thousand stories of the people who would have walked past, just by staring at it.

All in all I would summarise that this is Urban Folk music of the 21st Century. It’s tinged with the madness, suggestiveness and tales of the time nature of the world around it, that traditional folk music has in abundance but now produced with the technology and ambiance of the modern world.

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