Silverpack 2016 horror vampires The Netherlands

Title: Silverpack
Keywords: Dutch horror movie

Silverpack is the box office hit movie that came out of 2016 by renowned movie director and producer Paul Thissen Hommersen. You might not have heard of it because it was probably kept (for your safety) in a box at a office of some kind. It’s one of the most frightening modern masterpieces and have been only shown at viewers discretion, preferably to an audience with limited eye sight or lack of fear.

Somehow this specific movie “Silverpack” has escaped and moved itself to the more dodgy side of YouTube. Now all hell might break loose, no warnings or age limitations are blocking this dangerous material,it’s all out there for anyone to stumble upon and see. The official movie description will tell you all the information that you need to know:

“Silverpack is a movie about a family of vampires thats visit rotterdam in the netherlands”

I’m not sure what is the most frightening within this horror movie, the story, the cast, the acting, the appearances of actors, the dental hygiene, the appearance of the Dutch famous super rock star & junkie who jumped of the Hilton hotel all resurrected? The location? The special effects? Everything as seen and heard in ‘Silverpack’ is reason to be terrified…

All we can do is point out the source of evil so you can study it (with caution) for yourself at home. We will not be responsible if any heart failures occur & neither if you won’t be able to sleep for a week… silverpack is terrifying and here it is:


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