Trou aux Rats – Exil Funeraire

Artist: Trou aux Rats
Title: Exil Funeraire
Keywords: experimental funeral funeral listening harsh noise wall protest improvisation France
Reviewer: Simon Hit

With expressions signs of sadness and pain a lonely character can be heard moaning behind a mask. A sad synthesizer sound creates a humble base for inner and outer spiritual revelation and grotesque image tripping. The darkness of the iactual sight gets beaten by vivid trips stimulated by deprivation of air and actual movement.?Beautiful visions of loving nothingness mixed with a pompous feeling of dead are kindly making themselves known, creating an eureka moment of pure psychedelic noise with ponderous funeral friendly harmonics and melodies.

Roosters will scream as bells of doom ring to keep the beast confined for its own magical exit. The ears are muffled, the view is nowhere to be seen but the music travels into deeper levels of the unknown, marrying emptiness with warmth and peculiar audio hypnosis. Last screams of the ones who cry for the dead of the loved one can be heard; bangs on a coffin: let me out! But the music is too intense, too attractive that it will be like a moth attracted to a flame: this funeral is too pretty not to attend.

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