Aloesia – Singles

Artist: Aloesia
Title: Singles
Keywords: experimental abstract ambient avant-gardeelectronic leftfield Toronto
Reviewer: Willem van O.

The first moment that my ears dipped into this release it got nicely greeted by the first (what a coincidence!) track. It was sounding nice and wet, sparkly and relaxed. Like a tropical cocktail with a fancy strawberry sliced on the top of the cocktail glass. You know, when you hear it you feel all fruity and yet somehow the fruit has a alcoholic flavor.

The next track asks ‘What was that?’ If I could trust my ears I think it was some kind of table tennis played between intelligent mechanic robotic machines. Of course I can’t be certain, but I think that was what it was…. I mean I believe that was what was recorded and showcased in that track… although it could also be rhythmic music. Shouldn’t be the music maker know better what it was? Or is this some kind of game show in which the listener has a chance to win a refrigerator?

40,000ft coming in for a landing (short) is another mysterious track that hobbled in my ears. It clearly had something to do with a airplane coming in for a landing. It’s a bit vague though, but hell thats where the genre tag ‘experimental’ comes in handy. To me it came across as a airplane with soothing lounge elements in the passengers cabin, while the engines are huffing and puffing… some gas might be escaping… I don’t know, I feel somehow that this plane might not land so safely…

The same thing but longer and lengthier comes in after the short version. It feels as if the lounge music has made way for avant-garde with a hint of dubstep. The strange gas like sound might be interpretations of the wind… I hope it’s not the wind produced by a passenger on the flight who had a bit too many beans for snacks… I guess this is a release of so called singles that hit that experimental corner in a way that i can’t fully place it…
maybe you can?

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