Romeo and Juliet – If Hell Was Only A Word

Artist: Romeo and Juliet
Title: If Hell Was Only A Word
Keywords: experimental expiremental ambient hatred inner conflicts love noise ambient plunderphonics Norway
Label: Demon Waves

To Love Another comes across painful. As if the music was a dignified highly achieved person totally crushed by love. You know someone who can’t get to the one on the menu, sadly bouncing from one bar to another while completely drained from over drinking to kill the pain away. Grabbing whatever is available, anything alcoholic and hardcore, throwing it quickly down the throat while walking around like a disabled ant who had been tortured by a four year old.

‘Dancing On Roses’ sound more hopeful yet still one ballet shoe dancing towards a grave while the other hops fierceness towards the romantic destruction. A rose stuck into the mouth, grinding it teeth, bleeding lips… everything is so deadly romantic.

‘It Didn’t Have To Be This Way’ is the sound of the tormented soul, cyanide under the tongue because love doesn’t prevail & things aren’t working out. Slowly but softly the feeling of going from a once handsome human being transformed into a hunchback hiding away in the drastic shadows. Who wants to see your face, love isn’t made for you; you are doomed to stay in hiding… that kind of thing.

Suddenly romance or perhaps a romantic memory is back in this release. The happening is named ‘They Held Hands At The Ocean’ and is perfect for kisses under Van Gogh’s painted sky full of sparkling stars, nibbling on lover’s noses, slurping small bits of wine and telling each other how they are made for each other. It of course abruptly ends, quickly ripping a heart out and cutting it in two.

Luckily out of the horror of being loved no more, pretty music might pop up for a moment of comment. It’s like the best friend, who will help you out by saying wise healing words, blowing a sexy saxophone as the plaster on the wounds.. maybe the best friend secretly wants to get it on with the dumped one; like a true love vulture scoring when a person is most vulnerable.

Another sad moment will be the memory of the last kiss, on the release nicely dramatized by torturing a dramatic romantic voice; a middle finger to all relationships that had gone to hell.

It’s best to skip the best friend part and just go on with filling buckets of tears. Perhaps cry so much that you could fill up a little bath with it and take a refreshing bath… don’t attempt to drown yourself… a failed love simply isn’t worth it, you can always get a parakeet as companionship if really necessary. It simply wasn’t meant to be… snotting and tearing up alone in a hidden corner for a fine session of ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ is always a good idea to get it all out of the system. No superglue might be able to glue the heart back together, but some tape mixed with juicy green snot could do miracles!

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