Matt Confusion – Else

Artist : Matt Confusion
Release : Else
Label : No Label
keywords: blues diy alt rock home recording jazzy lo-fi night singer-songwriter Monza
Release date : Oct 2016
reviewer: Wayne Rex

Well, well, well, what do we have here then? As the Policeman once said around the 1950’s UK, to some perp that was up to no good, and on first hearing from the opening track “Below” I found myself uttering those same words.

From reading the description in his bandcamp profile I was expecting some wannabe white blues man who thinks a middle class upbringing is hardship etc.. but I was pleasantly surprised and totally wrong (which I often am.)

This certainly has a laidback blues vibe but moreover it harks back to a simpler time around the 90’s. His voice is pleasantly gravely and reminds me of the guy from the EEL’s. Very competent and laid back playing really makes me want to drift off on the beach, somewhere in Italy (where incidentally Mr Confusion springs from) with a pina colada in one hand and a music playing device, playing this ablum in the other.

It takes up until the fourth track “Right or Wrong” before we hear a blues track and even though if I’m being brutally honest was the weakest track on the album, it is a pretty good track. Then out of nowhere kick in track five “Closing Down” which would not sound out of place in an unplugged session from Nirvana. This guy can really write some great catchy rock/grunge music and if that is your cuppa tea then press the link to his bandcamp and get listening! and even if you don’t dig that kinda stuff then I genuinely recommend you have a listen anyway as you may well be surprised.

I can hear so many different influences in this music, everything from Neil Young, Nirvana, Alice in chains, the charlatans, EEL’s, to name but a few and as nostalgic and affable as this may be I think that there is a lack of individuality and originality in this album. I want to hear the honest Matt Confusion. Not in a lyrical way but in his music. A definitive sound that borrows from his influences but comes out as a totally new and unique sound to him as an artist. I have no doubt that this will eventually be achieved and I look forward to hearing the results.

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