Noise Arcade – Filtering Out The Rest

Artist: Noise Arcade
Title: Filtering Out The Rest
Keywords: electronic analog synthesizer electronicaexperiemental experimental electronic idm 北京市

Editing Bad translations is of a time length that makes a person wonder if relaxing mind altering stimulants had been smoked in the music process. The track goes for a progression that adds layer on top of layer, like a loop station session that focuses on sparkles and rhythm. In the beginning it was so raw and experimental, but as soon as a nice repetitive baseline hops in the whole session seems to fall and lock into place, clearly creating the ambience that invites a sober listener to hunt for something green and smoke it. You are free to listen in a sober condition, just be prepared that it sounds nicer when slightly buzzed…

Boredom In The Midst Of Chaos is a continuation of this session, clearly indicating that this release is made in that special kind of atmosphere, the one that a producer has no choice to harvest in one go in case the vibe and feel leaves before it’s all evidentially recorded on tape. Little sparkling synth material with a loop over loop rhythm section that just makes you want to fix up a bong and start sucking smoke. It’s the music to get lost in and it’s clear that Noise Arcade got lost in it while making it. When a underlining baseline of dark synth material finds its way in the music get saturated and feels honestly complete.

New Discoveries In Empty Fields’ are holding on to a similar principle, yet seems to have reached another layer of psychedelics. The music is minimally, innovative and trip-worthy; the material psychonauts can relate too & it feels more natural to be sucked in and intoxicated by than the previous two tracks; the higher levels have been reached by artist and listener for a higher state of mind in which every bit of rhythmic music bit makes sense & works on a delightful groove to space out on; the best track on the release!

The title of the last track ‘taking things too far’ is easily trying to say that the moment of brilliance had been reached and the music maker had now reached the level that is above the next level. However the actual music is still very much doable, especially in combination of the previous heard tracks… it is more spacey and chill as if we have reached our destination of being fucked in the head.. not like a crackhead, but more like a focused slightly poisoned musician who travels the audio waves with dedication and self sacrifice to give you only the best and realest psychedelic experience from slightly sober to all smoked up… the more raw underlining baseline is sublime but the rhythmic kick might be a bit too enthusiastic; it is keeping things real though! A nice progressional release!

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