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Artist: Uglisse
keywords: unpop, commercial, neomelodico, indigeribile
label : MAV [0kbps records]
reviewer: Mermaidman

Hello, I’m mermaidman. I’m also reasonably new here… How about you? Are you reasonably new here too? I guess for you it’s different, you are probably just a visitor… I’m next to Wayne Rex, a new reviewer… A very special new reviewer if you would ask me… It’s because as a mermaidman I have qualities no other reviewer who write for this site has…


hello! I’m mermaidman!

First of all I’m a mermaidman… I’m named after my condition, so please do call me mermaidman…
Second; I have no ears!


behold: no ears!

That’s one of those handy things of being a mermaidman, as without ears no water can come into them when I dive deep into the water. I live in the sea, you see? How I can listen to music for review without ears? Oh I won’t! I use sonar vibrations… Yes, I told you that I’m unlike all the other reviewers… I’m pretty special!


trust him… he is special!

I also have a nice side boob, it always point to one direction. It doesn’t mean anything, but I thought it was nice to mention.


my side boob

Also If you know or heard about Mermaids… I’m no mermaid! I’m nobodies’ maid! As A mermaidman I’m not equipped with a fishtail instead of legs… No I have a phallus like under part, it moves up and down & that’s how I move under water. I’m pretty special!


i’m pretty special

You know what is also special? This release by Uglisse!
How I know that it is special? Oh, I don’t know… I mean I don’t have ears… So it would be a bit weird to say that it’s special, because I have never heard it… I have felt it! But feeling it in sonar vibrations… You know… That’s pretty damn special; it is also pretty different!


tell me more…

Difficult perhaps for the human readers out there reading this… I mean if you can’t experience this music as sonar vibrations like me it’s difficult to see if you’d like it the way I liked it… But let me tell you, the sonar vibrations had been so nice when hearing this music by Uglisse that my underpart had been a bit out of control… It was doing crazy things, making me tumble around in the sea like some dolphin on catnip. At the end the sonar vibrations had been so intensively enjoyable that my ‘tail’ squirted out a sign of jolly approval!


a jolly sign of approval!

And you know, when mermaidman is providing its jizz; you know it’s not only good… it is also pretty special! Mermaidman approves and hopes that the sonar vibrations are a sign of good music… Maybe you give it a listen and let me know? Here is a link:


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