Áine O’Dwyer – Locusts

Artist: Áine O’Dwyer
Title: Locusts
Keywords: rock church organ drone improvisationorgan Ireland
Label: Fort Evil Fruit

Another day, another review? Well yes, but it’s a good cause because this album named ‘Locusts’ is well worth your ears & and most definitely a descriptive post on your favorite blog… I found it thanks to another favorite online places named Feminatronic (check it out who knows it might be one of your favorite sites too!) … anyway… locusts… shall we begin?

The high tones of sleigh bells descending are thrilling and thriving the ear drums like fingers playing with wine glasses. The sound is mysterious, very much ringing romantically a melody that is sharp and harmonic in a micro tonal way. Somehow the music seems to sink a certain humbleness, a vibe made out of fragile glass that might as well cut you in its intensity. It’s a session that got me hooked and made me curious for the rest of this album by Áine O’Dwyer.

Thankfully it did because this is one that won’t disappoint. From the high pitched mystery the composer delivers a magnificent church worthy composition named ‘altar boy’. The music here is much kinder towards the ears, sounding grand and yet very personal; it’s as if Áine O’Dwyer has taken over the church organ and plays on it for our own private ears. It’s done so sensibly, very human and moving… an angelic voice appears in here to complete the spellbound experience.

The next track picks up the high pitch sound again but somehow it felt more familiar, making it more appreciative; a bit like a welcome home towards an old friend. I mean, there was no lengthy time for my ears to adjust and get used to it, but more like a pleasant return. The track started to play with my head in a very nice way, psychedelic is what I’m talking about. All the way at the end (luckily it was all the way at the end…) the music got interrupted by someone who seem to have stepped into the recording session, completely unaware and obnoxious what audio magic was being performed.

Dance Like Your Demon goes back to orchestral mode, but it’s a terrifying one. Something that would fit a horror movie, something like ‘the exorcist’ , it has a sparkling hint of a happy ending all the way at the end.

With ‘Keraulophone’ Áine O’Dwyer brings the prettiness that ears will love and adore. It’s a fragile sounding pretty piece with warm emotion and subtleness. Behind the beautiful tones it feels as if an angel is hiding, sometimes popping up to lend a voice in the deep background; maybe it’s just so nice that it made me trip out of my head…

The next work is named Psychopomp and is as mysterious as a lady vampire inside a domed house with spiderwebs as curtains. The tense density between deep bass, strange haunting vocals and melodic lightness is a tripping combo.

The last track ‘Machine Drum is all about pleasing the eardrum in a most delightful way. If this is the machine-drum way then you can view it as a massage… tongue out of mouth and relaxed shoulders are one of the benefits listening to this. Feel free to check out the music at the following link:

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