Ars Sonor & Liselotte Frejdig – Liberation

Artist : Ars Sonor & Liselotte Frejdig
Release : Liberation
Label : No Label
keywords: electronic / industrial
Release date : Oct 2016
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

This is a short but ever so sweet little capture of electronica from two collaborators who got together for this project after acting opposite each other in their native country of Sweden. For me it’s a shame that the collaboration was so short lived but aren’t some of the best always are?

With a running time of 12 minutes, exactly (my drum solos usually last longer than that,) over four tracks, this really deserves a few listens to fully engage with it’s underground but positively commercial splendour.

I don’t know why I am starting at track three (Bouvet Island) but I am, so there.. Anyway, it has quite a futuristic nightclub vibe to it and when I hear it, I cannot help but imagine Robocop (80’s version) dancing around some seedy Detroit nightclub and that to me is a sight I really dig and for what it’s worth, it is a track I really dig too, what with it’s pulsating beats. Not fat beats but middle range beats. They don’t quite make you feel like your heart is about to explode but more that they make you contemplate that it could well be a possibility.

The final track (Stop Animal Abuse Feat. Porc O’ Pine) is an ambient / industrial tour de force and captures the feel of the title like you could only horrifically imagine. Stopping animal abuse is a topic close to my heart so this track really resonates with me. The electronic screams and atmospheric noise is the perfect combination.

March of the Scoundrels is the opening track and a brilliant title too. With background guitar pieces tickling your eardrums and non coherent, almost ghostly female voice singing is a kinda meditation in it’s own right but coupled with some up to date beats it’s a track that could easily crossover from underground to mid-commercial.

Make America Kind Again is something we are all thinking right now and funnily enough it’s the title of the second track of this four track wonder. Voice samples from news reels and a guitar riff that reminds me of a Martin Gore, Depeche Mode of the 90’s style makes this three minutes (incidentally the length of every track on this record) of industrial dance that doesn’t fire you up for a tear up but inspires you to get off your butt and join a peaceful protest.. or just dance around your bedroom for three minute. Either or, both are good.

To summarise, this is a well crafted and thought provoking piece of music. Not 100% sure they have categorised it correctly (industrial psychedelic) but that’s what we are here for. This, in my humble opinion is more ambient dance music so if this is your thing then press that link, start listening and thank me later.

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