T. Mikawa / Harsh Noise Movement – T. Mikawa / Harsh Noise Movement Split Album

Artists: T. Mikawa / Harsh Noise Movement
Title: T. Mikawa / Harsh Noise Movement Split Album
Keywords: experimental harsh noise harsh noise wallharshnoise wall hnw noise United Kingdom
Reviewer: Simon Hit

A split between T.Mikawa & Harsh Noise Movement might come across as a collaboration that asks for trouble; speakers exploding or eardrums emigrating to other ear owners. But surprisingly non of that actually happened when listening to the creations of these two… let me start with T.Mikawa’s side of this split as it’s first track ‘LDP Sucks’ is an expressive noise session that impresses in a way that it is nice and fluent in the ears. That’s good!

The sound is like a full amount of clean liquid that is made up of things that can’t be clearly identified but it’s packed with stuff. Machinery or dental drills, strange underlying engines? It’s a feast for anyone with a vivid imagination and a love for a continues flow of listenable noise. It might defy perhaps the reputation of noise being noisy, material that is as gritty as it can get, purposely driving people nuts or blowing their brains out… but this LDP Sucks brings this noise in such a way that you want to place your ears closer to it and suck it all in with delight.

Let’s abdicate together keeps the spirit high with a nice noise track that is challenging and engaging yet extremely listenable. There is something to the sound production that feels like a lucid dream (or nightmare?) in which there is so many things hidden and popping out, yet the stream of liquid noise vaporizes it all into a unrecognizable pastry.

To me it came across as dreaming of lost members of a chamber orchestra playing upside down and sideways cello on the ceiling. The sound is moving and busy as if there is tons of people and their expressions stuck in there but all have become faceless and a real challenge to decipher. It’s the kind of noise track that would ideally be enjoyed when in need for a audio stimulant that fits with activities involving heavy hallucinations.

Harsh Noise Movement comes with a track named ‘they want you to believe the world has gone to shit’. Which is more harsh and in your face and less sounding like a liquidized wonder-world. This is a rough trip track, cold and hot; burning in both ways. The noise comes across as if there is a creature trapped in there who would love to roam and pop out. Massive screams with lengthy breaths strangely resembling a formula one race car that in full speed goes through the corners. This noise moves alright and it might be best to wear a seatbelt!

But on a brighter note; it’s noise and seat belts are for people afraid of unexpectedly flying through a vehicle without wings. The second work by Harsh Noise Movement is more fresh, very active and wild; having a similar vibe on me as going into a wild water race trying to avoid sharp rocks and many dodgy waterfalls. It’s not as lengthy but long enough to wake up and feel roughed up & awake again. You can find this split at the following link:


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