Thorin Loeks – Thirsty Hearts

Artist: Thorin Loeks
Title: Thirsty Hearts
Keywords: americana folk alternative folk folk folk rock indieindie folk indie pop indie soul singer-songwriter Canada

Thorin Loeks comes across as the traveling adventurous musician & friend who is one with nature and his own passions. This is a man who paddles down the Mississippi river in pursuit of the meaning of life & finding happiness. Mother Nature clearly inspired him and his album is full of questions to wonder and ponder about. He has the seasoned soulful voice that can easily shift gear into high and low, but always sounding kind and positive. He doesn’t seem to be allergic to face the world that he loves & its expressive ways to express what is on his mind are coming across free spirited & challenging.

He plays the guitar, transports melodies through a harmonica and inserts poetic dreams into songs that will inspire to go out and travel fearlessly through the natural parts of the country. His quirkiness feels like a push in the back, a helping hand for self-exploration, ready to stimulate all who listens to go and live an adventurous life instead of sleeping the day away at an office. Looking at his music videos for this album might be enough to open your window, climb out and visit the great outdoors!

Thorin Loeks seems to have his mouth where his heart is, channels his songs from a source of passion and personal meaningfulness. Him asking questions about life is infectious, feeling like a lesson in blessings that will generate a quest to know what the meaning of our individual lives are. We might never find out, but with the heart beat-drum fueled by these songs of Thorin by your side, you will find at least a stimulating friend who wants to push it to the max, & never has a reason to feel down or lose hope.
If you go climb a mountain with him and make a wrong move, he will be the one who pulls you back up to safety.


Thorin Loeks in the middle of inspiration

With simplicity in music, the singer songwriter seems to create an approachability that makes him and his songs more accessible than the ones of most musicians. He is one of those artists whose aura can be found glowing inside his work; it’s honest and without camouflage. The man has no masks, doesn’t hide one bit behind the music and is fair to say that he is the shining middle point of it all. He speaks his mind in a philosophical engaging way, almost as if he is a personal friend who meets up with us, always with the best intentions, not only for himself but for anyone who listens.
He is the kind of friend who shares his tent with you, who climbs the highest mountain or canoes the biggest lake to show you the most amazing views… He faces life and hopes to inspire!
His voice is already calm and friendly, but when Kaylie Higgs sings along with him on the songs ‘crossroads’ and ‘these crazy days’ it just becomes next level in warmth and trustworthiness. Even though the album ‘Thirsty Hearts’ comes across philosophical, it also could easily be enjoyed with the head on zero. Just sitting back or lying down and listen to Thorin Loeks play and sing has a soothing effect on the brain, as if someone wise and caring sits beside you, someone you can trust, someone whose mind is advanced enough to take care of the situation while you are taking a step back, taking some time off and letting it all go… settle down in a canoe and let the river take you…


This release seems to be about life & its questions and curiosity. The meaning of finding happiness and challenges… It is all calmly done in a way that is very personal and kind. If this album would be a human and nearby, it would clearly be a great candidate to be one of your best reliable friends. The one person in your life, who helps out, has the knowledges or seeks it, stimulates to think or do great things, facing life, whispers nicely while you sleep and is there when you need him the most…
‘Thirsty Hearts’ might not be an actual person, but it’s definitely one friendly album you could trust. It’s patiently waiting for you at the other side of the following clickable link:

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