Ladonna Rama – Unzip the Chick

Artist: Ladonna Rama
Title: Unzip the Chick
Keywords: electronic dance electro gay house techno Sydney
Reviewer: Gary B. 

Ladonna Rama has the voice of a demanding diva, clearly with the aura so bright it’s like one gigantic spotlight following wherever Ladonna Rama goes. With every step in glamoured shoes colorful lights and male admirers appear. All eyes are on the artist and the ears facing the music, ready to spice up night club fevers with its fabulous party monsters, hot shots, twinkles, teddy bears and dancing weirdos.

Ladonna Rama’s underground music is made to wiggle the ding dongs and let them snuggle up for a hot shaky dance; a deeply flavored party that gets the crowd spiced up with the baselines of electro sound and steady four by four beats that everyone (no matter how arhythmic /or drunk/ a person is) could easily follow and grind too.

Time to grow a wig, go absolutely mental with mum’s make-up, plunder the local fetish shop, sew your own costume and unzip and expose whatever you had to hide. No matter what you do Ladonna Rama will always do it a notch better, a haircut more blatant, a song more gayer then gay… bottom or top; Ladonna Rama is over the top! And on a mission…

It’s so over the top that there might be some people thinking it’s a parody, a love child between Michael Alig & lady Gaga or simply a fragment of the imagination after drinking too many spiked drinks… it couldn’t be further from the truth! Ladonna Rama is real and seems to have an album that could easily be played in full to entertain the clubbing individuals and make them all feel sexy and glamorous again. Vogueing is all back; express yourself and get wasted while licking the heels of Ladonna Rama!

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1 Response to Ladonna Rama – Unzip the Chick

  1. Ladonna Rama says:

    I wanted to leave you *two* kisses right here. You can lick my heel anytime 😉

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