Professor Pump-Un-Shlump – What Came First? (Single)

Artist: Professor Pump-Un-Shlump
title: What Came First? (Single)
keywords: EDM, pop, comedy, video

Funniest thing happened this morning… I woke up… yeah I Know, that already on its own is hilarious…

I don’t really enjoy the act of waking up, being one of those people that are a bit grumpy in the morning hours, attempting to walk around like a zombie and try to make a strong coffee with eyes still firmly closed. So I managed to fix a coffee through daily practice and ritual and set myself down in a chair trying to peel my eyes open..

it’s a slow process, one sip of coffee at a time… When they had been finally opened I go for the usual other ritual, checking the internet with hope on some kind of miracle ,someone or something that will sparkle the flame of life and manages to bring the brain back into full functionality. Perhaps a doctor?

So I go online & click and see the appearance of a Professor Pump-Un-Shlump. I read some vague blurb that not really registers in my still half dead mind about Professor Pump-Un-Shlump releasing a single…


Professor Pump-Un-Schlump


I click and a video starts to play…

I take one big gulp of coffee… a few seconds in and I spit all the coffee out over the screen in which Professor Pump-Un-Shlump and friends are dancing around like a chicken, even though the coffee liquid was enough to cover the scene it quickly drips off so I see more of this…

egg or chicken?
Which one comes first?..

then again Professor Pump-Un-Shlump and friends dance around like a chicken and I just start to piss myself with uncontrollable laughter, my eyes are open, my hands are trying wildly to wipe the screen clean in order to see all while fresh urine drips down my legs! I didn’t feel so awake so early in the morning for a long time!

Professor Pump-Un-Shlump dancing bit blurred my view again but not because of sleep but from tears of pure laughter that had popped in. Professor Pump-Un-Shlump’s chicken or egg song is so cleverly silly that it just hit me right on the laugh-salvo organ! I felt like a little kid, a baby that laughs hysterically because a proud parent pulled a funny face with a idiotic sound…

just giggling, laughing senselessly with coffee and drool under my chin, urine stains on pants and dried joyful tears on both cheeks; Professor Pump-Un-Shlump not only managed to resurrect me into life & gave me reason to move myself to a shower for necessary cleansing which evidentially helped even more to speed up the ‘waking up’ morning session… intense but seriously a best way to wake up!

Professor Pump-Un-Shlump… …chicken or egg? Hilarious!

you can get this fun tune at the Itunes store or from Amazon

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