ASTMA and JELENA GLAZOVA – Medea’s Disco

Title: Medea’s Disco
Keywords: experimental germany latvia disco droneelectronica experimental electronic experimental rockfree improvisation live electronics noise Russia

If you want to jump in and get hooked on electronic experimental music with pure rhythmic qualities that will make your muscles twist in various positions of pure appreciation; Medea Disco is for you! I came across it thanks to Feminatronic and since then ever so addicted to these fine modern tracks. The sounds and pleasant noises used are strange, weird even, a kind of shimmering future music that knows how to injects itself into your system in order to get you moving and grooving.

The sound textures are mechanic but super smooth, filled with artifacts that makes these sessions interesting. It’s music for cool rulers, science fiction robot dancing while still keeping the humanity by making it finger snappingly friendly.

Description wise it let us know it’s created by three obviously talented persons; Joint recording of Alexei Borisov (Moscow), Olga Nosova (Berlin), Jelena Glazova (Riga). What most surprising is to me is that they obviously have had all different roots, yet in these tracks they have somehow melted together to create a very strong new character.

There is no sign of an ego fight among them, it’s as if they sacrificed themselves in order to create a new identity which is this music, and they should be proud at that. The style of this music is fairly minimal, superbly hypnotic and just keeps intriguing. When you come to a moment that you might think you have heard it all, Medea’s Disco inserts some ear pleasing sounds, or change of direction that will simply make you think otherwise… very cool stuff indeed!

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