Percy Piss Wizard – Tuhao Mao 土豪猫

Artist: Percy Piss Wizard
Title: Tuhao Mao 土豪猫
Keywords: electronic beats experimental electronic fortunemoney noise rich Beijing
Reviewer: Burt Ullshit

“Percy Piss Wizard is a rich cat. Percy Piss Wizard is better than you. Percy Piss Wizard doesn’t care about you. Percy Piss Wizard doesn’t care about your opinion because Percy Piss Wizard is already the best. Percy Piss Wizard’s Tuhao Mao is the best album you will ever hear.”

Percy Piss Wizard’s version of taking the piss might as well be so good that the whole ‘taking the piss action’ is pissed upon. So much piss that electronic musicians might want to start drinking it in the hope to get an inch of talent that Pierce Piss Wizard has… or perhaps they want to take a big gulp and end all life expectations… also it feels safer to drink as it’s better to receive it oral or ear-ly than receiving this golden liquid all over your outer ego. Washing it off might be impossible… cat urine might be one of the most hardest ones to rinse off…

So maybe this rich album, the best album, huge… might not be recommended to anyone who is a starter as a electronic music maker, or established electronic music producer; Percy Piss Wizard the rich cat simply makes the new bee (or a veteran) give up whatever they had been doing. Maybe it’s best to pick up a guitar and move to an unknown island within the Bermuda Triangle… somewhere… a place to disappear cause in a world with Percy Piss Wizard being better then you will ever be, while actually just simply recording the act of urinating some piss -might make you and your so called ‘music’ redundant. It’s shit, really. But in this case its this rich cat Percy Piss Wizard’s piss.

If you aren’t in the electronic music business, not a electronic music producer, rich, a wannabe or anyone with ambitions in that direction; you are safe to hear this piss take of Percy Piss Wizard, especially because this piss is not only good; it’s indeed golden! Very rich & sounding pretty expensive! Made with the quality of a cat who doesn’t really care, just having some fun, fearless and without the usual pressure that gets the liquid flowing Percy Piss Wizard comes up with ambience, big beats and movements that are actually pretty nice. 

The rich cat Percy Piss Wizard might be purring satisfied with the results & will probably purr more when someone bites the bait and pays the full amount asked for this album. It’s a little money to ask and Percy Piss Wizard might not really need it because this car is already very rich, it just might be the stimulant to make more piss taking works. Screw wetting on cat litter when there is bandcamp and ears of willing individuals.

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