Sam and the Womp – Gypsy in the Snow

artist: Sam and the Womp
title: Gypsy in the Snow
keywords: good vibes video
reviewer: Right Shoe

I’m a shoe.
A right shoe to be precise.
I have to tell you a little story…

I used to have a sister who looks very much like me, in fact we are twins.
Strangely we lost each other somehow, out of sight and out of touch. It’s been dramatic for me yet I’ve kept myself busy. You see, for years I’ve been hosting regularly a right feet inside of me. Together as one we have been walking around, always with the hope and lookout to find and reunite with my almost identical twin.

I don’t know if you heard about this but As a twin we could feel what each one of us is feeling, a gift which always gave me lots of questions but also lots of hope… I could feel my identical twin being alive and well & clearly must be in good companionship. I just felt it… I also felt shivers, clearly indicating that my left side might be in a cold environment…

My years searching was finally rewarded today when I was filled up by the usual right feet and just stepping around & got overwhelmed… Suddenly I felt my sister’s vibe so close. Our strong bond of being identical twins was going in mental overload… I had to temporarily abandon ship and instead of ‘feet’ time had to take some ‘me’ time… there I went, flying alone, leaving the right feet understandably behind while giving into my instinct…

The short flight took me to a small screen with a red curtain depicted on it. Instinctual gave it a little bump and the curtain opened… it didn’t take long before my identical beloved twin appeared on screen, along with a wonderful cast of amazing people. All made suddenly sense and it felt so good to see my sister being in good hands, cherished and fly her new friends around. I heard her story of her getting cozy and cuddly as a beloved pillow. Also the shivers that I felt was clearly from the snowy landscape that my beloved twin had landed in.. here please join me and my ears & eyes and have a good look:

The snowy video & music was amazing and I was thrilled to see that my closest relative had been hooked up with these talented and lovable fun characters. Beside my helpful sister, there was an amazing choir of balloon flight loving bearded cat mouth-singers, a sailor with a well fitting pipe, a tuba man with twinkling eyes, a lady with accordion and incredible funny faces. 

Most notable is the singer who not only shows his love for my identical twin, he also magically sparkles with the music. His face and body language go from cute, tough, sweet to extremely funny. He dances around wildly and plays the trumpet with ear and eye pleasing results! The bass I felt between the screen and my face & the final scene of him and a very caring lady flying full love and care inside my sister’s behind made my heart melt… how lovely and what a amazing surprise to hear and see them all… I felt most satisfied and emotionally touched I had to give it a happy thump’s up!

Then it happened… when I was already completely satisfied now knowing of my identical twin being in such good companionship… suddenly behind the screen…there she was… my sister! I felt like being in a classic television moment! Unexpectedly my left look-a-like and me (her right one!) had been unsuspectedly reunited! How amazing and what a lovely unexpected twist! When we are all gossiped in we will go back together to snowy land so we can fly together and be pillows to the lovely looking womp couple! 

The happy end.  ❤ 


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