MELA ZETA – Golozinas

artist: MELA ZETA
title: Golozinas
keywords: rewind,cool,gestroco,club,
label: Vaatican Records
reviewer: Caffeinate

Hello one and all! I am back with a vengeance, as I finally get the stuff I said I was going to get done, done! It has a been a long and harrowing road and sadly as previously stated my writing has gone to the birds, but we’ll try to make it out unscathed. Remember, keep your hands inside of the vehicle at all times.

A little background information. This all started when Alex Spalding and I tried to undertake a review of 50000 Pilgrims, the Vaatican Records DVD Project. We started when it was but a handful (but now it has 162!) and since it is seemingly ever expanding, sadly our giant review fell into the dust.

However, I still remember and cherish quite a few tracks (we split up at the time, the tracks into halves to make it easier on the both of us), and this one here by MELA ZETA is absolutely phenomenal.

Hints of a washboard scratching along, with some nice plucks upon a guitar and a wonderfully almost reversed tone slowly bleeding into a slow creep. Magnifique. That is a very short description but hey, as always LISTEN TO IT. You’ll get what I mean.

Every time I listen to it the journey continues or resumes and I’m whisked away into mirrored home movie land and can’t help but dance brokenly into whatever it is I am doing at that particular moment.

I really like this track! Maybe you will too.

You can get it here (amongst some other amazing tracks featured in this sampler)

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