artist: postirony
reviewer: Caffeinate

Hello folks. I have meant to do this review thing for this dude for a while. However, for a long time, inspiration for writing has been lacking. So, without further ado, let’s try and get something written done (and you bet your ass it will be sucky).

I became aware of postirony a while ago, and well am rather glad. He has an assortment of musical skills at his disposal and goes across a wide variety of sounds etc. Here, let’s give an example:

As you can tell, there is a certain wit about the title, but yeah great stuff!

I would probably wind up gushing nonstop about postirony because I like his schtuff that much so I’m just going to skip ahead to my favorite piece of his:

Ermahgerd. Seriously, this track makes me feel all the wonderful things. For me it’s a mix of badassery, beauty and a bit of melancholic sweetness. But hey that’s me. Seriously some fun stuff here, and while not well written I hope ye give it a chance (cuz there’s a shit ton more material on the soundcloud).

So in short, check out the main page with the musics here:

And yeah it’s good shit yo.

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