Wayne Rex & Ross Taylor – Spirit Catcher

Artists: Wayne Rex & Ross Taylor
Title: Spirit Catcher
Keywords: experimental jazz free jazz free jazzimprovised jazz improvised music jazzmeditation new jazz world jazz hard jazzSherborne

Wayne Rex drumming around like a fanatic responding to Ross Taylor’s trumpet, voice and reeds. Together they create a lively played weirdness that comes a bit across like an audio book without the actual words and clear story. The music however engages like a good written story, cleverly hooking a listener up making it fulfilled with curiosity & ears to hold on and hear more.

Their free improvisations are fresh and full of weird life, at times making me think of being inside the head of a intoxicated Tom Waits while attending a jazz bar, it’s very wild and yet comfortably stimulating. Sometimes Ross his sounds are cozy, at other moments it feels as if he isn’t playing but brought in a horny goose to make the squeaky bird-like honks. Wayne Rex fills in the spaces with energy, drum rolls and animalistic moods.

He does this so well that I could easily imagine a couple of tree swinging monkeys also being brought in the recording session, making those monkey sounds that makes the life of the hard working Ross Taylor a bit more easier… a good old goose and a pair of monkeys is all you need to convince people that you are trumpeting while secretly just sitting back in relaxed position sipping on a alcoholic drink, probably exchanging stories with an imaginative version of Tom W just to round it off…

Rumor goes that even Wayne Rex had modernized its own drumming set by half way bringing in a grey squirrel. Somehow the squirrel is placed on the drum where it moves its little paws and legs replicating the sounds that Wayne Rex had been doing. In the end you might say that Wayne Rex and Ross Taylor are very clever people with a business and organization mind; they brought a bunch of animals together, directed them to do their job, recorded it all and gave none (minus perhaps the grey squirrel) album credits implying that it was all done by these two smart gentlemen themselves.

Either way I think they both deserve credits for their smartness, their great executions of the free jazz improvisations whether they had brought their own animal spirit in there from themselves or if they used actual animals to play for them; it’s all about the results and they are engagingly good! Hear it with your own ears at the following link:

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