Willowbrook – Hanging from the Ribs like Rags from a Clothesline

Artist: Willowbrook
Title: Hanging from the Ribs like Rags from a Clothesline
Cat: FNR072
Format: Floppy Diskette
Keywords: lo-fi harsh Noise
Label: Floppy Noise Records
reviewer: Fred Oppy

Willowbrook’s Hanging from the Ribs like Rags from a Clothesline is the first ever release by this artist on a floppy disk. Not sure if it was also the last (years have passed by quickly..) but it was certainly the first.So you’d think that it would also be probably the best release by Willowbrook on floppy diskette, because you know what they say “it’s never as good as the first time..” What oh what does this floppy contain? Music? I wouldn’t necessarily call it music, but wouldn’t mind if someone else would call it music. I would say it’s a wall: a very distinctive lo-fi wall.

You know it’s a wall because like most people who walk into one would automatically know they just crushed their nose against a wall. Funny thing that it’s always the nose that hits the wall first when walking into one, but with the wall on this specific floppy disk it’s the ears that hits this wall. It’s of course a harsh Noise wall, gritty, harsh and shortly lived. A wall that might strong enough to build a floppy house from, you just need a couple of more walls released on floppy diskette and perhaps some tape or super glue to get it all build and sorted.

The good thing with a wall like this is that it’s so clearly is what it is; very functional and because of it being just one minute and three seconds long everyone is able to either climb over it or dig a hole under it. It isn’t the Great Wall of China but more a miniature one that is just long enough to be gritty, without the possibility to give you a headache through a skull crushing lengthy session that massive walls might be capable off. So yes, Willowbrook’s Hanging from the Ribs like Rags from a Clothesline is a rather friendly wall, a good one, but friendly.

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