Arcade Messiah – III

Artist : Arcade Messiah
Title : III
Release date : November 2016
Keywords: metal djent doom doom metal fusion grunge heavy rock instrumental rock post-rock postmetal progressive metal psych shoegaze sludge space rock stoner rockSligo
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

You can really sum this whole album up in a very brief sentence.. Quality, well crafted, kick ass release! (Never forget the exclamation mark, very important)

When I first loaded up the bandcamp page of Arcade Messiah, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am a sucker for some doomy, sludgy, stoner rock so had high hopes and from the word, or should I say chord go, I was not disappointed one iota! (There’s that exclamation mark again)

Having not heard of this act before, I assumed from listening that it was a four/five piece band but in fact, after further investigation, I discovered that this wonderful raucous sound is written, recorded, produced and moreover played entirely by one extremely talented individual hailing from Sligo (beautiful place) in Ireland and goes by the name John Bassett.

Seriously, if this guy can play all these instruments and compose this well then for me at least, it’s back to the drawing board.

You will find some hypnotic and heavy riffs but the doom has a strange searing beauty and even though your natural reaction would be to head bang and jump up and down etc..(I’m a jazzer so please excuse my very uncool and highly incorrect terminology and stereotypical association with the doom/stoner scene) you equally feel quite calm and tranquil, like staring into a reflection of the sun through a lake. Which get’s me thinking that this music, as heavy as it is, it’s also quite at home and within good company in the compositional quality as a modern classical piece of music.

Each track is meticulously played and of a very high standard, especially the third track “Deliverance” which is 10.27mins of absolute quality and included a fabulous midway breakpoint (around 7.40) of some sublime drumming that would not sound out of place with some of the best jazz break musical conversation that I for one have heard.

You can tell by now that I really do like this recording. I could spend paragraph after paragraph breaking down each track and segment but be honest, nobody really wants to read that, do they? The best thing that you can do is to click the link in this review and listen for yourself! (had to finish with that ruddy exclamation mark again)

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